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Can CBD Help You Quit Smoking & Drugs?

According to Dr. Morgan, cannabidiol could mean that positive memories are being erased with time.


There was a time this drug was considered “The Assassin of Youth” however, cannabis is currently being promoted to aid people in quitting their drug addiction. Preliminary research indicates that cannabidiol also commonly referred to as CBD that in cannabis can aid in curing different types of addiction.

The types o addiction are inclusive of alcohol addiction, smoking or substance abuses, cannabidiol or a combination of this with reduced amounts of THC, indicate the ability to reduce the dependence that people develop with a particular substance. Find below a couple of highlights borrowed from clinical trials that have already been published:

• There are clinical trials that show that treatment using CBD greatly reduces on the cigarettes one smokes by 40 percent while under treatment.
• Another study made use of CBD in treating neurodegeneration that is induced by taking alcohol. Neurodegeneration is known as a major cause of chronic as well as the relapsing nature brought about by alcoholism.
• Cannabidiol reduces the stimulus cue-induced heroin type of behavior, this helps in preventing a craving for heroin and a possible relapses.
• Cannabidiol works in counterbalancing the THC induced high effects while helping in curbing side effects that are brought about by the smoking of marijuana.

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Current research published shows that cannabidiol holds lots of promise with physiological benefits. Some publications indicate that it helps with conditions which are inclusive of MS, anxiety, addiction, cancer, hypertension, depression, neuropathic pain, myocardial infarction, glaucoma, Parkinson’s, stroke, seizures, hypertension, obesity, Huntington’s disease, motion disorders, glaucoma, osteoporosis, and much more!

This must sound too exaggerated, right? The reason behind cannabidiol being helpful to the above-named conditions is because of the of how cannabidiol interacts with our bodies. The moment one takes cannabidiol they are essentially supplementing the ECS system. This system was discovered in 1992 by Dr. Rahael Mechoulam who is from Hebrew University, the system is located across multiple parts of the body such as the brain, different organs, glands as well as connective tissues and the immune cells.

The system also performs different roles of different physiological processes such as sensation, mood, appetite, and even with the memory. Here, regulation of different physiological systems which are inclusive of the digestive system, immune system, nervous system, endocrine system, reproductive system and even the muscular system takes place. Just by taking cannabidiol, we are usually stimulating receptors found in the nervous system.

You can get more info about CBD if you check our resources page. We have worked on creating a detailed guide to aid you in understanding what cannabidiol is, how this works as well as commonly known benefits of CBD.


As far as substance abuse is a topic, CBD has been known to have great benefits because of the role it plays in the neuro system. To get more insight on this, we would have to consider two examples. These are: Alcoholism as well as Smoking Addiction

1. CBD helps protect your brain against damages caused by alcohol

The moment one takes alcohol in excess quantities, this will damage the body in the following ways: the liver, as well as the brain. For the two, the brain is the reason why one becomes dependent on alcohol and forms the habit of being drunk most of the time and relapsing. Drinking alcohol in excess brings about neurodegeneration and this translates to the alcohol steadily and slowly killing the neurons in one’s brains. This kind of impairment leads to a change in the cognitive as well as behavior thus increasing the tendency to keep relapsing into substance abuse.

Another major benefit of CBD is referred to as neuroprotectant. This essentially means that it not only protects but also repairs your brain from any damage that is brought about by substance abuse such as drinking alcohol. A study was conducted so as to test the theory, it was observed that there was a reduction of about 48.8 percent in neurodegeneration in patients. This is to mean that cannabidiol worked in protecting a patients brain from experiencing any more damage.

2. CBD helps reduce withdrawal symptoms from smoking

The most identifiable behaviors as far as withdrawal symptoms are concerned are inclusive of insomnia, being irritable as well as anxiety. These are brought about by the mere fact that nicotine as well as THC work in enhancing reward mechanism in the brain, they also desensitize neuron receptors . The moment one is not smoking, the brain requests for reinforcement via withdrawal symptoms.

Cannabidiol counteracts this by reducing the negative symptoms while interfering with mechanisms found in the brain that play the role of reinforcements. At the same time, cannabidiol works in stimulating the receptors found in the nervous system that prevent or repairs the particular neurons from desensitization.


In case you want to stop smoking, you may be wondering what would be the best product to use? You may also wonder what works in the case of alcohol addiction as well as different substance abuse conditions? We conducted an internal research by checking different papers that have been published as well as surveys and all these came to a similar conclusion, we do not have a perfect product nor a dosage. There is a possibility that one would not feel anything when taking cannabidiol capsules though this may not be the same for a tincture that is taken sublingually which may have a huge difference. Something that may work for one particular individual may not work in a similar manner for different individuals.

In this case, it is important that one samples different products before they can decide on what to use. You should not always go for the expensive alternative or the one that has the biggest concentration. A great strategy is beginning with smaller dosages while building on that gradually. In case you are not sure about the diverse types of products like CBD vape oil available in the market, you can check our article on Top 6 Ways to Take CBD.

The most important thing to note here is that you should substitute cannabidiol to reduce on drug dependence you may have previously had. In case you do smoke, you can use a vape pen in smoking CBD and this may prove to be better than having CBD pills. You can also find better and comfortable ways that best suit you. If sweet would work for you, you can try CBD edibles such as candies or even taffies. These will help in curbing the cravings you may be experiencing.

Whatever you decide to sample, you should note that the initial few weeks are more of a trial and error. We are hopeful that you will identify a product that best suits you.


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