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Other Cannabinoids: There’s More Than Just CBD & THC In Hemp & Cannabis

You must have heard about CBD as well as THC, the question, therefore, would be, how much info do you have concerning other cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN as well as THCV? The very great benefits that hemp provide are what people talk about nowadays. This rapid growth in how popular cannabidiol has become and everything it provides, we are now on a constant learning rollercoaster of new cannabinoids showing the potential of having health benefits.

This article will highlight 4 very unique cannabinoids, their medicinal advantages as well as the full spectrum components found in industrial hemp as well as marijuana. Cannabinoids have been known to work well in synergy as compared to individually, it is therefore very important to get familiar with the many ways that diverse compounds found in hemp, as well as cannabis, can synergize

We will take an in-depth look into three of these compounds below which are CBG, THCV, as well as CBN. You should remember that studies touching on cannabinoid are on their initial stages through what has already been discovered is very assuring.

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We will tackle this first. CBG doesn’t give the high that is experienced with THC. The truth is, THC as well as CBD usually begin as cannabigerol. This process is very interesting. To simply put this, cannabis plants usually produce cannabigerol acid. There are enzymes found in the plant that work on breaking down CBGA to an acidic form of either a THC or CBD which are referred to as THCA or CBDA. After this is done, THC, as well as CBD, are formed when the acid burns off through decarboxylation.

Cannabigerol CBG

CBD usually works in increasing the levels of anandamide which is an endocannabinoid that occurs naturally in our bodies and works in regulating biological processes inclusive of appetite, sleep as well as memory. The advantages of CBG:

• It helps in stimulation of formation as well as healing of the bones. A study that was published on indicated that osteoporosis brought about by age can be seen through a reduction in bone formation as well as fat accumulating in the compartment of your bone marrow. The report indicates that type 1 cannabinoid receptor CB1 helps in regulating this process. The results indicated that they could work in stimulating the stem cells in the bone marrow through the regulation of osteoblast which is the formation of bones as well as adipocyte (which is the accumulation of fats in your connective tissues)differentiation in the stromal cells of your marrow.

• They also work in slowing the growth of a tumor. CBD, CBG, as well as CBC did show the potential of slowing growing tumors as well as cancer cells. In another study that was published by, CBG, as well as different cannabinoids, are reported to contain anti-proliferative effects.
• It is also known to have anti-fungal as well as anti

microbial properties, making it a great compound for treating fungal and bacterial conditions. There are scientists who hold the belief that CBG could make a very great treatment for MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus), which is an antibiotic-resistant strain of bacteria.

• It has also shown some promise in the treatment of an overactive bladder, psoriasis, glaucoma, depression as well as anxiety along with neuroprotective effects.


This compounds composition is similar to THC though its effects on the body are a bit different. THC as well as THCV are psychoactive in nature and make users get high. As soon as THC binds itself to CB1 as well as CB2 receptors, it instantly activates the two bringing about the high efficiency. In low dosage, THCV can bind to the same receptors though it doesn’t activate these and therefore has same effects like CBD. In huge dosages, it activates CB1 receptor just as THC does produce a psychoactive buzzing.

The feeling brought about by THCV is experienced quickly and also fades as quick in comparison to THC. Consumers confess that they have a clearer head and a better high. In accordance to Leafly’s Bailey Rahn, the below are the benefits of THCV:

• THCV might contain anti-convulsive components which can help in raising the seizure threshold for people suffering from epilepsy. This allows such patients to experience a reduced number of seizures.

• Scientists are also researching on this compounds ability I stimulation of the growth of the bones to potentially treat osteoporosis as well as different bone issues.

• THCV aids in counteracting anxiety and in the treatment of PTSD.

• It helps in improving motor control, reducing tremors, as well as reducing the effects brought about by a brain lesion caused by Alzheimer’s disease. You should note that research is still in its initial stages and more info is still a big need.

• Scientists also hold the belief that THVC is great at blocking the sensations one gets after eating especially comfort foods.
You can find more info on an article written on THCV by Northwest Leaf with the title “THCV: A potent, rare and promising cannabinoid”


This cannabinoid is interesting and is produced by heating THC or in instances when this is exposed to oxygen. It doesn’t bind that well to CB1 as well as CB2 and not in the same way THC does. CBN is classified as non-psychoactive and does not have lots of cannabinoids. CBN available in a cannabis plant is just a little than 1%

Advantages of CBN:

• Helps in the growth of bone tissue. Research has shown CBN leads to an indirect recruitment of mesenchymal stem cells surrounding the bone marrow. The cells have the ability to transform into a bone as well as different tissues and this makes it a possibility for healing fractures to the bone. The Journal of Neuroimmunology provides additional info on this.

• CBN also offers anti-inflammatory as well as pain relief , there are also reports that when this is mixed with CBD, it can be used in treating burns.

• Sedative. In a Royal Queen Seeds article, studies showed that it can make a great pharmaceutical sedative.

• Scientists have been conducting studies on how CBN can help with sleep, appetite as well as an anti-convulsing agent. This compound works well when combined with CBD as well as THC.


Since we have covered info on these cannabinoids, we now need to help you understand how each differs from industrial hemp as well as marijuana. Marijuana and hemp are derivatives of the cannabis plant though diverse types, as well as the growing methods, bring the difference in THC from industrial low THC hemp plant. The two plants have flower buds as well as having cannabinoids and cannabinoids are the same for the two.

Franjo Grotenhermen, who is the former Chairman of the International Association For Cannabinoid Medicines (2000-2003), noted that CBD is just CBD. He noted that our bodies do not even care about the origin of the molecules.

In the real sense, there are major distinctions between them. A great example is a marijuana has high levels of THC, flavonoids, as well as terpenes and this, is not the case with hemp. Marijuana has higher levels of cannabidiol as compared to different forms of hemp.


When purchasing CBD extracted from industrial hemp, our recommendation is the buy a full spectrum extract. This means that every cannabinoids, flavonoid, as well as terpenes in the plant, are extracted and utilized in the CBD as well as in hemp oil. If a user ingests a full spectrum oil, a majority of the scientists have the belief that capitalizes on the entourage effect. The effects translate to every cannabinoid, flavonoids, fatty acids, terpenes, as well as different compounds from this plant work in synergy to capitalize on every benefit.

But not every person is in agreement of this entourage effect. Scientific American, indicates that lots of scientists visualize this as a pipe dream. They agree that botanical marijuana creating a synergistic chemical effect is highly unlikely. There are reports from users as well as experts that a full spectrum extract has better healing properties.

THC, as well as CBD, are the very active cannabinoids in marijuana. The two work in synergy contributing to one experiencing a high. There are people who prefer low THC while other needs lots of THC for more effect. CBD products derived from hemp like CBD oil is supposed to be legal in the fifty states and a few states have legalized recreational as well as medical marijuana. Our recommendation, keep sampling different products until you get what suits you.


Research around cannabinoid is a bit new. In as much as scientists have progressed a lot, there are still huge strides that need to be taken for cannabinoid. With the U.S working to change the laws around cannabis and CBD becoming more popular, the future can only look brighter.

That said, in case you are experiencing chronic pain, PTSD, mental disorders as well as osteoporosis, trying different cannabinoids can give you extra relief. You should, however, research as well as consult with a doctor before getting started with any treatment.

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