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CBD Oil For Anxiety And Depression

CBD oil can be an incredible remedy for those suffering from mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. A lot of people may feel unsure about trying CBD to aid their recovery, due to the connection it has with the often illegal substance of cannabis.

However, CBD oils are not designed to get you high and instead can provide some amazing cognitive benefits to those with anxiety and depression.

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What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol, most commonly known as CBD, is mainly recognized as the main active compound in hemp. Although you may recognize hemp for its more recreational uses, CBD is not like THC which is the compound in cannabis that gets users high.

CBD is a separate compound found in hemp that interacts with our bodies’ internal endocannabinoid system (ECS) in a completely different fashion to the psychoactive THC.

When consumed, THC directly stimulates and activates the cannabinoid receptors that are located within the ECS. CBD, however, has no direct stimulation.


How Does It Work?

In order to learn how pure CBD can impact the body and how it is different from the psychoactive THC, we need to first learn more about the receptors within our body. These receptors are located within the ECS.


CB1 And CB2 Receptors

Cannabinoids within the ECS can influence our mood, appetite, memory, focus and even our ability to feel pain. They also have a range of additional purposes.

These receptors can be activated either throughout the endocannabinoids our bodies’ naturally produce or throughout cannabinoids found in plants, such as hemp or cannabis. The receptors can be separated into either CB1 or CB2 categories.

CB1 Receptors

CB1 receptors are most commonly found in the central nervous system, as well as the liver, kidney, and lungs. These receptors influence the production and release of neurotransmitters in our bodies.

They also contribute to the lipogenesis process in the liver and can contribute to homeostasis. It is believed that these receptors may have some influence on our pleasure, memory and pain tolerance.

CB2 Receptors

CB2 receptors are located in the hematopoietic blood cells and are involved in various functions within the immune system, including immune suppression and apoptosis.

These are the receptors that THC stimulates when consumed through psychoactive cannabis.


How CBD Works Inside The Body

As CBD stimulates different receptors within the body, the impact that you feel when taking CBD oils differs greatly from those who consume THC compounds. CBD can stimulate a variety of other receptors, including serotonin, adenosine, and vanilloid.

By activating the adenosine receptors, CBD can affect the body’s release of dopamine and glutamate. Dopamine has a significant impact on motivation, motor control and is the main hormone within the brain’s reward center. Glutamate has a major impact on learning, cognition and memory skills.

The amount of CBD that is used impacts the receptors that it can activate. High concentrations of CBD as seen in some oils can activate specific serotonin receptors which influence mood, appetite, nausea and addiction mechanisms.

High concentrations of CBD can even contribute to the regulation of blood pressure and the modulation of bone density. As well as having a range of benefits to our physical health, CBD can also have a great impact on our mental wellbeing.


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CBD To Treat Anxiety And Depression

Numerous studies have found that CBD can provide relief for a variety of different physical and mental health conditions. The most well-supported of these conditions is stress.

Those who suffer from anxiety and depression are likely to also suffer from severe stress. It is claimed that these mental health conditions are most commonly caused by stress.

The reason that CBD can be beneficial to those who suffer from anxiety and depression is due to the fact that many of the receptors found in the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) are concentrated in the areas of the brain that control mood and regulate stress levels.

The interaction between CBD and these receptors within our ECS is reported to reduce erratic stress signals and can even contribute to improving our stress response in demanding situations. It is this interaction that makes CBD an excellent treatment for stress and similar conditions including anxiety and depression.

It has a great instant impact of relieving the stress symptoms in the moment as well as contributing to the long-term handling of future circumstances.


How Does Anxiety Affect The Body?

The stress response is essentially the way a person reacts to a situation. Those with anxiety and depression have an off-balanced stress response which means that it can be triggered more often as it no longer works properly.

The combination of stress responses results in what is known as the fight or flight response. This is an evolutionary survival instinct that is designed to keep us safe in dangerous situations. When the stress response begins in the brain, it sets off a biological chain of events that occur in the event of a real or perceived threat.

For those with anxiety or depression, it is harder for the brain to determine which threats are real or perceived, which is why they experience panic attacks, loss of appetite, trouble breathing and other issues that are set off when the body enters the fight or flight mode.

CBD oil can be a really effective treatment for those with anxiety and depression as it contributes to the regulation of the ECS. This internal system regulates our stress response, and CBD can profoundly influence how we react in stressful times.

CBD essentially makes the part of the brain that controls stress and causes anxiety and depression less excitable, so the symptoms are lessened. Using CBD oil on a regular basis can seriously dampen the effects of anxiety and depression, making them easier to deal with on an everyday basis.

People who suffer from anxiety and depression are now relying on CBD oil as a natural and safe way to control their issues every day to allow them to get on with their lives.

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