The Entourage Effect CBD

What is the CBD Entourage Effect?

Entourage By Definition

By definition, the word “entourage” refers to a group of people that support and encourage each other.

This, essentially, describes the entourage effect perfectly. The effect is based on the well-researched idea that cannabinoids and their properties work better and are more effective when mixed together. There are many factors that contribute to this idea, and that’s what we’ll unravel in this article.

Compounds Working Together

The Entourage Effect has the idea behind it that hundreds of organic, unaltered compounds that derive from the same plant are made to work together in a healthy, safe and legal way. This means that all of these compounds are made to work together, to give you, the client the best possible effect for healing and staying healthy.

Instead of using individual component medicine, like using only CBD or only THC or only Terpenes infused supplements, you would be using supplements infused with CBD, THC and Terpenes all at once.

When you start taking CBD and THC infused medicine, you may start wondering how exactly they combine to work together. The main cannabinoids that derive from the marijuana plant are THC and CBD. The first has psychoactive purposes and is mostly used for recreation. The second has no psychoactive properties and can be used safely and legally for medicinal uses.

What is the Entourage Effect?

Negative Effects of THC

The idea behind using THC and CBD together is that you will get a more wholesome healing experience. For example, when THC and CBD are used together, the CBD compounds can majorly calm the negative effects of THC. This will give you the best effect from both worlds, and you won’t have to experience any side-effects. In essence, you will be getting the full spectrum of all the supplements, and you won’t have to deal with the individual workings of each one without getting the full benefits.

Terpenes in the Mix

We can also look at terpenes, which refers to the scent and aroma of the terpenes molecules contained within the cannabis plant. There are about 100 varieties of known terpenes within marijuana, and many more still remain undiscovered. Their importance, however, lies within the fact that terpenes have a lot of power, and they are known to play an important role within the entourage effect.

Since CBD and THC are the main compounds within the marijuana plant, they are the two key components that contribute to the entourage effect. As we mentioned before, CBD is known for being the perfect compound to help block-off the negative, intoxicating properties of THC. This means that you not only get the benefit of having all the CBD components but also all the benefiting THC components that don’t contribute to any side-effects such as intoxication, sedation, drowsiness etc.

Despite the rise of pill medicine, a wide range of research still suggests that the most effective way to take medicine is in its plant-form. Even though we live in a fast-paced world where everything is wanted ‘now’, sometimes taking the effort to look further into medicine is worth the time.

In essence, the entourage effect is a very powerful tool and the idea that contributes to modern medicine on a wide range. There are dozens of cannabinoids within marijuana, and each has its own benefits and effects, as well as side-effects. As scientists learn the uses of each of those individual components, they are allowed to create more and more advanced medicine. Medicine that can feature the cannabinoids that can make the side-effects of other cannabinoids disappear while keeping all the important features.

Understanding the Entourage Effect

To properly understand the entourage effect, it should be thought of as a puzzle. A puzzle where the chemist and scientist team have to decide which puzzle pieces need to be included and kept, and which left out. By the end of the process, we are left with a puzzle that is fully beneficial, organised and doesn’t contain any negative effects. This puzzle can be organized in many different ways, and that’s exactly what scientists and chemists are still experimenting with: which cannabinoids reduce side-effects of others, and which encourage their positive benefits.

This means that scientists will be able to modify the entourage effect accordingly, to suit particular illnesses, diseases and problems in general.

Many laboratories today focus on producing medicine from the whole plant, instead of making the compound within a lab environment. Let’s take Marinol for example; it’s a lab-produced THC that is meant to be a legal over-the-counter medicine and has essentially the same effects as marijuana. Many people, however, still report that the original legal plant mixes have helped them more than the lab-alternative. That’s why the entourage effect has been so widely researched and continues to help many people with various health, conditions. Ranging from seizures to leukemia, to cancer and much more.

Which CBD Oil Have the Entourage Effect?

Here at Karma CBD Oils, we offer a wide range of lab tested CBD oils, ranging in flavours and strengths. The main products we recommend to make use of the entourage effect are:

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Full Spectrum CBD Oil Spray 15ml (1500mg)

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