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CBD Isolate Reviews: The Best CBD Isolates Available

Cannabidiol  isolates remain to be a very diverse compound that provides numerous benefits for its consumers.

You can easily get this in the form of a vape juice to even brownies. With the diverse options available, the question would be in what way would you like to have your own pure CBD?

Are you in need of immediate relief from the pain you are experiencing, do you in need of treatment for your skin. Have you been experiencing seizures or is it that you need help so that you can catch some sleep?  It does not matter what you need, CBD isolates can be customized to suit each need you have even if the same is not in the market.

Keep reading for more insight on CBD isolates as well as reviews we have done on the best isolates you can get your hands on, on the internet.

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The most important thing that CBD isolate offers its users is the option of controlling what they get into their bodies as well as determining the quality of the ingredients they can use.  A great example is CBD topicals having additional herbal or even botanical ingredients, this may be pleasant but on the other hand, irritate your skin.  While making use of an isolate, it is easy to end up creating topical suitable ingredients that best suit you.

With just one gram of an isolate and a couple ounces of oil which could be sunflowers, hemp, or even coconut, additional heat and you have a good quality CBD combination.  You can add this to your food, apply it on the skin as well as ingesting it.

As far as CBD is concerned, DIY is the way to go.  In most occasions, compounds found in the market for commercial purposes are mostly wrongly labels or they even use substandard ingredients.   There are so many companies that produce great quality CBD  products, in this case, you have no good reason to actually purchase overpriced CBD Oils or any products whose source is in question.



The easiest and quickest method of consuming  CBD is through dabbing an isolate. You need a glass water pipe also referred to as a bong, a quartz nail attachment, a dabber that holds the CBD together as well as a butane torch or electronic nail heating element (an e-nail). You may need to use about $100-$200 which is dependent on the kind of equipment you need.

E-nails are highly priced though they are safer than butane torches.

You need to heat the nail, put your CBD on the nail with the dabber and at the same time inhaling off from the pipe. Once CBD gets in touch with the hot nail, it will vaporize and this can now be inhaled in a direct manner to your lungs.

For states where marijuana is legal, one can add CBD directly on the bowl cannabis flower or to extracts that have THC  which help in increased therapeutic advantages.  THC along with CBD work in synergy in regulating the effects each produces. There are people who get anxious after using marijuana, CBD helps in softening the high effects caused by marijuana.

This isolate also provides a cheap alternative of better quality in comparison to pre-mixed CBD vape juices as well as vape pens that have been filled prior. Consumers may only need to have a refillable style vape pen, a bottle of veg glycerin, vape flavor additives as well as propylene glycol.  Those who manufacture vape juices usually add sugars as well as sweetener onto their recipes and in turn shorten the shelf life of the vape coils while increasing exposure of particulate matter.



CBD isolate product


For a given company to appear in our review, they had to publicly declare third-party lab tests or avail them upon requests by consumers. Quality, as well as purity, are very key with CBD isolates and a company that did not give third-party results were automatically deleted disregarded.

We then looked at how transparent a company is. This was with regards to companies declaring their source of hemp as well as the extraction method that they use in creating the isolate. We also used a company’s client support in our evaluation. Majority of the companies did respond promptly to us while a couple did not. Those that did not even after a couple more inquiries were also removed from the list.

Once we got our orders, each of the isolates was judged by the smell, how it tasted, its appearance as well as consistency and how it was packaged.   Effects brought about by each isolate were also considered though all are 99percent+ CBD and thus no much difference. Each of the isolates should have similar mellow, non-psychoactive, relaxation as well as effects of pain relief. Selecting a given brand narrows down to personal preferences.

The reviewer used the isolates in a long period of physical exhaustion period of his life. He was able to get relief from fatigue as well as soreness. For this review, in particular, we made use of a glass water pipe, a quartz nail, a titanium dabber as well as a butane torch in vaporizing as well as inhaling CBD.

Find below a few brands that we trust are offering very great CBD isolates on the internet(In no specific order):

  • Medterra Med99+ CBD Isolate
  • Lazarus Naturals Cycling Frog Isolates
  • Ambary Gardens 99% Isolate CBD
  • Bluebird Botanicals CBD Isolate




Medterra Med99+ CBD Isolate

  • Highlights: Med99+ CBD Isolate this had no residue, great taste, and offered relaxation though with an earthy smell that could easily be noticed in comparison to the different isolates.
  • Special Offer:  You can utilize MOH which our coupon code to get  10%off in the order you make.
  • Price:  Sells at $34.99 for each gram.
  • Customer Service & Shipping: They respond to inquiries made through emails. They offer to ship at only $2 for first class mail.
  • Extraction Method:  This is done through CO2 extraction.
  • Hemp Source: Kentucky
  • Independent Test Results: Online.
  • Appearance, Scent & Flavor: Crystalline, white powder and comes in a detectable earthy scent. Mildly piney flavor.

This company’s CBD met all the requirements we laid out. Our inquiries were responded to promptly and third-party tests can be seen on the company’s site.  Their isolate is a good deal as far as the extraction method is concerned and the fact that it is grown within the US.


Lazarus Naturals Cycling Frog Isolates

  • Highlights: Cycling Frog provides clients with value, high quality, relaxing and a cheap isolate in two forms, that is raw as well as with flavors.
  • Special Offer: You can utilize MOH which our coupon code to get 10%off in the order you make.
  • Price:  Sell at $30 for each gram.
  • Customer Service & Shipping:  Great at responding to inquiries on email. They offer to ship at $8 UPS Ground and shipping at no cost for orders above $50.
  • Extraction Method: Kosher alcohol extraction
  • Hemp source: United States
  • Independent Test Results:
    • Potency and residual solvent
    • Heavy metals
    • Chemical residue
  • Appearance, Scent & Flavor:  Each of their variety has a similar taste which is piney, smooth as well as fruity undertones on their flavored types.
    • Raw CBD isolates – white powder with no noticeable odor.
    • Hawaiian Citrus isolate – off-white crystalline powder and it has a tropical citrus scent
    • Valencia Orange isolate – off-white crystalline powder which has a fresh orange scent
    • Lemon Lime isolate – an off-white crystalline powder that has a lemon-lime scent

This company uses plant terpenes in its diverse CBD isolates.  The experience was impressive for us though additional tests are needed to show the potential their products hold. Their flavors are mild but can get stronger when used in cooking as well as in a vape juice.

This company has a clean extraction method, great client support as well as great discounts for veterans as well as those who are disabled.  In case you need to sample their 4 flavors, they provide a sample package which has a gram for each flavor at $100.


Ambary Gardens 99% Isolate CBD

  • Highlights: 99% Isolate CBD  by this company is highly priced as compared to different other options, the best thing is that this isolate is produced using organic hemp that the company grows.  Dabbing the isolate can be very relaxing as it has a smooth taste.
  • Price: Sells at $60 for each gram.
  • Customer Service & Shipping: They do respond to inquiries made on email. Shipping is provided at $7.99 and no cost for a local pick up.
  • Extraction Method: Open ethanol wash with vacuum after-purge
  • Hemp Source: Kittredge, Colorado, which is grown by the company.
  • Independent Test Results: You can get tests availed to you once you request the same.•    Appearance, Scent & Flavor:  The taste was piney as well as very smooth. It has crystalline shards with an earthy odor which doesn’t interfere with the flavor.

They provide value for the cost of the isolate.  The company gets their CBD extract from hemp grown in Colorado on their farm.  With all the brands we sampled for this review, this company had the smoothest flavor once vaporized.


Bluebird Botanicals CBD Isolate

  • Highlights: Bluebird Botanicals CBD Isolate has no scent, is a pure white powder and has a mildly piney flavor as well as relaxation. Their transparency, as well as prompt client support, is very great.
  • Price:  Sells at $39.95 for each gram
  • Customer Service & Shipping:  They respond to inquiries made on email. Their shipping is provided at %5 and no charges for orders above $49.
  • Extraction Method: Ethanol extraction as well as winterization.
  • Hemp Source: Colorado
  • Independent Test Results:
    • Potency and terpene analysis
    • Mycotoxin and pesticide analysis
    • Heavy metal analysis
    • Residual solvent analysis
  • Appearance, Scent & Flavor: White powder which does not have a noticeable scent. Mildly piney flavor.

That said, this given isolate is clean, holds more potent, purity and does not have residues once vaporized.  The company provides a great product with a great price and great client support



This list does not highlight all CBD isolates available but can be a great place to get started.

Whichever the source you get, always ensure they provide third-party lab tests.  It is important for companies to also state the source of the hemp they use as well as the method of extraction used.  In case this is not the case, contact client support or even look for another source.

In case you need different ideas on quality reputable brands, the r/CBD subreddit is a great place to get info on phony companies as well as products that are not safe.


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