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Science Explains Why CBD Oil Could Help Ease Your Chronic Pain

In case you are a believer of most of the stuff that you read online, CBD oil, in this case, is the miracle cure that can be used to treat all diseases while replacing painkillers. Sadly, the hype on the internet is just overwhelming. The best news, however, conditions such as epilepsy, chronic pain the oil can be a well-deserved extract in relieving such conditions and better peoples lives.

Psychoactive cannabis which is popularly referred to as marijuana had on most occasions been used in relieving pain brought about by migraines as well as menstrual cramps. This oil has close to no trace of THC which is a component in cannabis that alters one’s mind and in this case CBD offers similar advantages to consumers without getting them high.

We will not be taking you through a sales pitch, instead, we will help you in understanding facts as well as the science that backs these benefits as well as limitations that come with this extract. This article will highlight the chronic pain and how CBD oils can help diverse health conditions. Just as with a recent article on the side effects that CBD brings, we will be examining different scientific research and anecdotal reports.

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For the longest time, possible research concerning cannabis as well as its different compounds was restricted because of the crackdown on drugs, the new laws being enacted however are changing the scenario and scientist now have room to explore how this very precious plant can be used and how they can aid in easing the pain.

There was a time when Cannabis tinctures could be accessed OTC in most pharmacies and were mostly used in relieving pain. But, not until a few years back majority of the people held the belief that cannabis functioned in a similar manner with alcohol or even morphine which is very incorrect.

In reality, we have receptors all around our brains as well as the nervous system that respond to substances produced naturally just as with cannabis and scientist refer this to endogenous cannabinoids( meaning that their origin is found within the body). Though they behave a bit differently from marijuana as well as CBD-only extract, chemicals found in the body as well as the substance from plants end up interacting with the receptors, referred to as the endocannabinoid system.

Scientists have the understanding that endocannabinoids work in regulating the body’s behavior in different ways inclusive of the motor function, our appetite as well as how we react to pain. Phytocannabinoids which are plant-based cannabinoids, usually swing in to help in managing pain when the body is not to produce enough.


A lot of studies indicate that CBD is capable of relieving diverse types of pain. A study was published in Clinical Rehabilitation, researchers in February of 2003, from Oxford looked at the advantages that CBD, THC as well as a mix of had on patients suffering from neurogenic pain (which is pain whose origin is in the nervous system) Majority of the twenty-four patients involved in the research were suffering from multiple sclerosis though some had pain originating from spinal injuries as well as amputation of their limbs.

Those involved in this study would take one or even more than one of these substances or placebo in their homes, this lasted for 2 weeks and during this time, they would report to the clinic in intervals. The relief that the subjects got from this was better for THC as well as CBD in comparison to the placebo according to what was indicated by these researchers. The patients experienced increased relief and for others symptoms such as muscle spasms had been alleviated too.

A study that was also published in October 2006 in Current Medical Research and Opinion, backed up the fact that extracts from cannabis which is inclusive of CBD were very great at alleviating pain that was brought about by multiple sclerosis. The people who authored this compared 6 studies that had been done and there was consistency in cannabinoids being effective in the treatment of neuropathic pain in Multiple Sclerosis. Ethan Budd Russo, who is a doctor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Montana, in March 2008 discovered that CBD, as well as the different forms of cannabis, showed very great promise in treating the most unmanageable pain.

In his report which involved an analysis of many studies, he indicated that extracts from cannabis are beneficial whether ingested orally or topically to one’s skin. Majority of the users have also said that they experienced relief using topical and CBD oil as well as psychoactive cannabis.


We would like to give you a broad perspective of the potential that CBD holds, we looked at different anecdotal reports from blogs as well as message boards. Pamela Hadfield, who is a co-founder HelloMD a site that focuses on medical cannabis confessed that in July of 2015 that she had begun making use of CBD in the management of chronic pain that had been brought about by very intensified migraines she was experiencing. Pharmaceutical drugs had left her with a feeling of haziness but on the other hand, CBD seemed to give her instant relief and limited side effects.

In a similar discussion, the previous month on Reddit had the majority of the platform’s users share that CBD helped in easing menstrual cramps, even if the doses varied from one individual to another. They also confirmed that the quality of the extract was a huge difference in how effective the CBD turned out to be. The CBD source, as well as its quality, is of paramount importance too, with this, ensure you thoroughly research before making any purchase.

Majority of people get relief from chronic pain using CBD oil, others report that combining THC as well as CBD is what works best for them though these two are illegal in most regions in the United States. Donna Burch, who is the author of a blog known as “ Fed Up With Fatigue”, is suffering from fibromyalgia, a condition that most people do not understand so well, it involves one getting very fatigued as well as experiencing insomnia and very bad muscle cramps.

In September of 2015, she reported that CBD oil had helped with the pain she was experiencing for some time though did not continue being as effective with time. Eventually, she got relief from using psychoactive cannabis when she was given a permit to use cannabis for medical purposes. Different states have programs targeting medical cannabis and patients experiencing chronic pain have sought strains that have higher amounts of CBD as well as THC to help with this.


As with other health conditions, those who experience chronic pain say that combining different strategies in containing pain works, from pharmaceutical drugs to stretching. The research we have done indicates that the oil can make a great component of a regimen for pain relief.
And because this oil has legal status in every state, with fewer side effects, it can be a great investment in getting to know if it can work for you.

The different ways the oil can be taken in is being ingested, an application on the skin as well as inhaling using an e-cig, there is also a possibility that a specific form may give you more benefits as compared to another. With more states getting on board in easing laws, we are hopeful that many people will start exploring the potential CBD has as a painkiller. We will keep you updated on the most current research concerning advantages CBD oil has with regards to pain.

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