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Exploring CBD To Treat Chronic Pain And Sports Injuries

I am of the opinion that CBD products are a necessary requirement for sportsmen.

I have been actively playing basketball for close to four years in Europe. Juggling between basketball as well as different types of sports, I tend to agree that CBD has played a vital role in managing severe pain, mental stress and swelling to a high degree. It has not only been useful to me but to a number of my peers too.

Many of you are quite aware that athletes suffer from severe pains, mild depression and a lot of pressure daily due to the nature of their work. From training every day and juggling different careers, the struggle has been almost unbearable. I started using CBD extracts four months ago and I must admit that the outcomes have been great!

Are you interested in knowing why CBD is useful for athletes as a relief from pain? Keep reading the article below for all the information you need.

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I have heard about CBD oil previously from friends, family, and peers but I did not pay close attention back then. I personally began using the product in October 2017. Since I have been playing basketball professionally overtime, injuries and pain is an everyday professional threat.

CBD oil is capable of easing inflammation brought about by injuries, chronic pain as well as different health issues that are associated with sports. My season was cut short last season after I suffered from a spinal injury last September. This brought my career to a halt when it was just at the peak. However, this was a good reason for me to indulge in CBD products. If it were not for this little accident, I would not have been so curious about its benefits.

CBD has proven to be very useful to me and my athlete friends since it is an effective pain reliever. I came home from Bulgaria where I had been playing and started using CBD as a pain reliever. Back in Bulgaria, I had sought treatment for the back pain I was expereincing and they gave me corticosteroid injections to ease the back pains. This was also accompanied by steroid free injections to help with the swelling and irritation. However, using these medicinal drugs started causing my body systems to shut down.

The medicine is effective in dealing with pain, swelling, and irritability but it has the worst side effects. The injections caused a lot of perspiration in my body and at times was accompanied by shivering of the body. This kept me up throughout the night as I could not catch a nap at all. The steroids were affecting my stomach and shutting down my digestive system. This increased the body pain I experienced instead of reducing it. Generally, the steroids were not that effective.

I can assure any athlete or any other person who is trying to use these pharmaceutical drugs for severe pain relief in their professional life that it will not be as effective. The adverse side effects will wear them out soon and this may cause harm to their body systems.


Professional sports is one career that exposes an individual to bouts of pain, swelling and a lot of irritability. All these are what a sports personality is used to on a daily basis.

For the first time this year, CBD is securely off the list of banned substances for the World Anti-Doping Agency. The agency is an organization that provides the standards through which athletes are tested for drugs before they participate in any kind of sports. Clearing CBD from their list of banned substances is very helpful to athletes.

Quality of life is hugely determined by what one is going through in life and severe pain will cause major changes in how one performs in a given job. CBD has come to the rescue of those going through severe painful episodes in their careers. CBD can be used daily over the year to help you with all the challenges brought about by pain. There have been reports that CBD can help deal with swelling and assist in the treatment of arthritis which is a common condition among athletes especially as they age.

Additionally, there are reports of the anti-inflammatory abilities of CBD such as reduction of swelling, joint and muscle swelling is very common and causes a lot of pain among athletes. For this reason, using a natural anti-swelling product is therefore effective for any athlete.
CBD is a wonderful product to be used by athletes considering it can be used as a stress and depression reliever especially for athletes competing at a higher level. The athletes get to use a natural product that has lesser side effects.


After introducing my body to CBD, I have gradually used the different forms of cannabidiol and also slowly increased the dosage. The results of this gradual change have been so impressive. In essence, my CBD routine has been wonderful therefore making my life easier and happier compared to before. CBD has been quite effective especially with the spinal swelling on my back.

CBD intake is different for every individual and one needs to stick to their routine in order to achieve optimal results. It will, however, take some amount of time for your body to adjust to these routines since the body has to find the right mechanisms to cope. An individual’s body could yearn for the same quantity of CBD daily or different quantities at times. All you need is to find a pattern and stick with it.

For each day, my CBD intake is usually limited to one capsule which is mostly 25milligrams to 50milligrams in the morning.
The capsule is taken immediately I step out of bed and within 15- 30 minutes, I am able to start achieving the intended results that CBD offers. I feel calm and the pain gradually eases. This dosage is usually accompanied by a warm cup of tea every morning. Sometimes in the morning when my back experiences some pain, I ensure I add several drops of the oil to my tea. I have discovered that taking CBD oil in the morning with tea gives me the best results.

After taking CBD in the morning, I head straight to my daily physical therapy sessions. I quite hold the opinion of fasting as a way of improving my overall health. Intake of CBD in the morning ensures that I have extra energy that I require during fasting. This ensures that during my state of fasting my body does not wear out and I have the required energy to take part in my normal routine.
After completing my usual training routine I take one more capsule of CBD before I go to bed. This is a routine that I normally follow to the latter every single day.

However, I combine this daily routine with the application of a natural CBD pain relief ointment that is rubbed daily on my back by my wife. It is also applied to parts of my body and muscles experiencing soreness on that particular day. The two of us regularly use natural CBD extracts twice a day. It has particularly helped with the issues I have had with my back.

CBD has also been reported to assist patients and athletes with the issue of fragile bones and the ability to heal broken bones. However, there is no proof currently but research is still underway to determine the same. This is the reason why I have chosen to use CBD in oral form as well as its various ointments. It has been very effective for me , I have heard similar confessions from others who have been using it regularly. The benefits are particularly great!


It is rather challenging to decide on who should be or should not be allowed to use CBD oil. This is because there is still no proof or evidence to support claims that it is effective. From experience, I can fully support the claim that CBD is among the most effective medications for athletes.

CBD has become a great alternative in sports medicine due to the current changes in the drug policy by the World Anti-Doping Agency. You are welcome to view my site, if you are interested in me and my journey of using CBD. Click on the page for more information.

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