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Fuel Your Body & Health Through Hemp Protein

According to Dr. Axe Hemp protein powder does not only give you the protein you need but it is also full of healthy omega fatty acids as well as fiber which is far more than most commonly known protein powders.

Athletes across the globe are making use of hemp protein for boosting muscle recovery as well as growth. Being 100 percent a natural protein source, hemp protein is quickly becoming popular in the market as the same market is flooded with imitated products. For more insight on lifestyle as well as health benefits of the hemp proteins, we spoke with Daniel Potter one of the founders of  Lean Hemp.

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All About Lean Hemp

Daniel Potter: LeanHemp is a premium protein company providing three sumptuous hemp protein flavors. This includes the USDA organic, vegan and 100 percent plant based with lots of nutrition.

Why hemp protein?

What makes hemp protein better than other protein options?

DP:  Protein from hemp is the most complete on the planet.  It has all the BCAA’s (Branch Chain Amino Acids), EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids), Omega-3’s, as well as Omega-6’s. The protein works in slowing digestion have high quantities of fiber and is a great meal alternative.

There are those who see hemp as a superfood.  Also, our brand has a couple of flavors that have the superfood maca which is a plant that has its origins in Peru.

Is hemp protein meant for everyone?

A typical serving of hemp protein seems to offer less protein than other conventional protein supplements. Is this a disadvantage for hardcore athletes?

DP:  The protein can be utilized by anyone who feels like doing so. It is not only a great alternative for meals but it also works best as a great protein before and after workouts, it combines into smoothies seamlessly as well as in baked products and a lot more foods.

Our bodies are built in a way that they can digest and only absorb 30grams of protein at a go and only if you are engaged in an activity, in this case, any person bulking up with whey or different  protein supplements  would  be lying to themselves as the body does not absorb extra proteins but rather turn this into fats.

I had no idea, but that’s great to know. So I noticed on your social media pages that Lean Hemp sponsors quite a few athletes. How have athletes taken to adopting hemp into their diet?

DP:  The athletes motivate us and having them has made our brand what it is right now. Our athletes range from those involved in distance running, Crossfit athletes, those involved in yoga, personal trainers, bodybuilders and much more.  For those who made the decision to use our products, I am sure they must have noticed a huge decrease in having stomach upsets as well as bloating.  They have confessed to us how quickly they recover and how full the protein makes them.

How long have you been taking hemp protein?

DP:  I personally have been using the protein for close to 2 years.  The best way for supporting and showing  belief in a given product is by using it.

What differences have you noticed by using hemp protein?

DP:  I  realized that I can take the hemp protein just before a workout and I always end up experiencing no bad signs.  Initially, I used to take whey as well as different plant-based proteins before a workout, this would in most occasions make me bloated during my workout sessions and even after I was done with my workout session.

If you would like to get the best hemp protein available , we highly recommend that you try   LEAN HEMP PROTEIN. We are certain that you will not be frustrated.

How do you prepare your hemp protein shake?

Do anything unique? Or does hemp protein taste great with just water?

DP: When making a shake from hemp protein, I use between 8-10oZ of almond milk and half of a banana. We also provide proteins in peanut butter and chocolate flavor and therefore come in great taste.  In most cases because of time, I add about 10oz of almond milk, 2 oz of water as well as  20g of the LH protein.

Thanks for the tip! What are some other ways you eat healthily?

DP: I eat limited amounts of meat and the type of meat I eat is majorly fish and chicken.  Most of my diet has whole fruits, legumes, vegetables, and sweet potatoes or even chickpeas.

It’s so easy for people to get tempted to make unhealthy choices.

What are some tips you have for people to avoid temptations?

DP: Some of my close family members struggle with weight and I have experienced firsthand how this can cause different health issues inclusive of hypertension, high or even low blood pressure as well as thyroid issues among many others.

I have been able to keep off these type of temptations  for 2 major reasons:

  1. My wish is to live a longer, the good thing is that it has been proven that eating healthy which is inclusive of taking legumes, whole fruits, vegetables and a minimal of any processed food, you will be automatically be increasing the chances of living a long  and healthier life.
  2. I allow myself to have a cheat meal once in a week and during this time, I indulge in all my I want. During such days, I indulge in donuts, fast foods, and sometimes dairy.

I have also found out that working out helps me in avoiding any temptations. I experience a rush in endorphins while working out as well as after my workouts.  I love the pain this also brings as my mind getto s experience some sought of freedom while ensuring I feel accomplished  after finishing. Workouts for me mean that I get to be meditative which helps me a lot.

What other daily habits do you have to optimize your lifestyle?

DP:  I have one and a half hours set aside each day; ten minutes are meant for mediation once in a day, or chest breathing in case I am feeling overwhelmed or just before I retire to my bed.

Thanks for sharing!

Anything else you want to share with a person who might be interested in using or switching to hemp protein?

DP:  Our goal is simple, we hold a belief in natural, clean, sustainable as well as healthy products which are of great help for people on this planet. This is the reasoning behind LeanHemp-  “A Better Protein”. Hemp protein assures users of high quality since it has BCAA ’s which is inclusive of 20 amino acids, inclusive of the 9 essential), EFA’s (Omega’s three & six), it is also easy to digest.  This is made from 100 percent plant-based, organic and vegan, it also has about 4 ingredients.

Currently, we are targeting running, fitness, yoga as well as endurance-athlete based communities across the country to create awareness for hemp as well as its properties.  I strongly hold the belief that industrial hemp should play a key role in the type of textile, foods, products targeted at hygiene as well as the materials used in building   In using products made from hemp such as CBD oil, we will be reducing on the footprint we leave on the planet.

We appreciate your time today, Daniel. How can our readers get in touch with you if they want to learn more about your or the brand?

DP: They can email us at  with inquiries or reviews. We hope to hear from everyone soon.

In case you are interested in sampling a great hemp protein that the market offers, we highly recommend that you check out Lean Hemp Protein.  Get one today!

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