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Hemp: Frequently Asked Questions


Demystifying the hugest misconceptions people have about hemp

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1. Smoking Hemp can get you high

Not true

THC happens to be the compound in marijuana that brings about the psychoactive effect making people get high. The THC levels contained in hemp are rather too low to bring about this effect and thus w=it is not possible to smoke a joint and get high.  In reality, hemp has CBD which is a chemical compound that works in blocking the effects of THC.


2. Buying and selling hemp is illegal in the US

Not true

Purchasing products made from hemp in their complete form is fully legal. This is inclusive of products like hemp protein powder, oils, seeds, soaps, apparels as well as anything that is produced using hemp.

Cultivating hemp is the only thing that is not legal in the United States especially as far as the federal government is concerned. However, this is quickly changing within the states.


3. Even if hemp is low in THC, you could still extract the THC to ultimately create a drug

This is not possible at all!

If you want to extract THC and at the same time remove CBD from hemp, this would prove to be very hard as well as time-consuming and it may be a bit out of place for a person to actually try doing the extraction. It may even be easier for one to actually get marijuana using any other method.


4. You could use hemp fields to hide marijuana

Not true

These two plants are cultivated using very different methods. Marijuana is usually grown within controlled environments while hemp can adapt to different and extreme climates.  Hemp usually grows in a dense way and this can hinder marijuana from growing amongst hemp.


5. Hemp advocates are actually trying to find backdoors to sell marijuana

Not true

It is now common knowledge that hemp is such a success and rakes in lots of profits for a couple of industrialized nations, where there are no legal issues associated with marijuana. It is a bit silly for one to have the thought  that we need to oppose the cultivation of hemp (and even how much benefits this can offer people)  just because there are some people who support using marijuana.


6. Legalizing hemp would make it impossible for law enforcement to fight marijuana

Not true

In an instance where we would use different countries for benchmarking, it is easy to show that this should not in any way be a problem.  Canada actually legalized hemp in 1998 which has helped their law enforcement have a smooth sailing.  In reality, if hemp was to be legalized, this would help in regulating the whole industry since farmers and even manufacturers would have to get licenses as well as be registered. Hemp seeds would have to be certified including other seed varieties being tested to ensure that they meet the THC recommended threshold of 0.3% or less.


7. Hemp and marijuana are actually the same plants

This is true because they hail from the same cannabis family.

There is a very big distinction between the two though as hemp is cultivated under very different conditions from marijuana as far as its chemical composition, growing methods, as well as its application, is concerned.


8. The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence are written on hemp paper

Not true

The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence are actually written on a parchment. However, the very first and second drafts of the Declaration of Independence were written in 1776 during summer on a Dutch hemp paper. The draft that was written as the second one was deliberated and agreed upon and this was later copied onto an animal parchment which was then signed on August of 1776.


9. Eating or using hemp may make me fail a drug test.

Not true

Every product made using industrial hemp has no psychoactive components and their THC amounts may not be detectable in employment as well as athletic screening.  This is the reason why one can easily get hemp products at places such as Amazon and even Wal-mart.


10. CBD oil is illegal.

Not true

Cannabidiol oil derived from hemp plants has legal status in the United State.  It is important to actually be cautious when making a purchase of any CBD product because the market it is highly unregulated. You can check out our post on the things you need to check out for in case you need to purchase CBD oil.

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