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HIA Vs. DEA Decision: What It Means For Hemp

A decision in the lawsuit that seeks to find out the benefits that can be obtained from the CBD and other related products like CBD vape oil has stirred a lot of controversial debate all over.

The Hemp Industries Association sued the DEA in a bid to ensure that the rule that proposes that CBD is illegal is overthrown last year. The news about the ruling spread like wildfire after the ruling was made on April 30th due to the magnitude this effects would take. However, most of the news was essentially not true and much of the information on the ruling was distorted. Being the number one ambassadors of the hemp industry and all of its products, we made it our duty to try and figure out what really happened in the ruling.

According to the director at the HIA, Colleen Keahey, “We were very positive that the ruling would be withdrawn and instead take on a more traditional process in determining the case”.

The court was very unfair and rather refused to listen to their case due to the fact that the industry had not given any official statement regarding the matter years before. The DEA took over a period of 5years to declare that CBD was illegal although the comment had been made years back. The HIA was ultimately convinced that the ruling was at all not fair to them seeing that the CBD products were being appreciated and praised all over the world.

The HIA vs. DEA decision prompted led to misinformed media stories that served to suggest that CBD had become illegal. The CBD products manufactures are counting their losses, so it seems. However, it is emerging that the DEA might have faced coercion into admitting that CBD products extracted from hemp are illegal.

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DOJ headquarters in Washington

Marijuana is in most states considered illegal with its side effects that are said to alter the mental stability of individuals. Legal experts are however adamant that this is not true for products that are obtained from the hemp plant.

President Barack Obama signed into law a Farm Bill in 2014 which determined that industrial hemp is not harmful given that it is grown under the right legal and state procedures. A report shows that a total of 25,000 acres of land are used to grow hemp in over 15 states. This report is a clear indication of the legality of the hemp industry as well as its products in most states.

The idea of growing hemp under certain conditions over time is not at all frowned upon but rather encouraged. CBD is among the most known and popular product that is extracted and obtained from the hemp plant. The product has been scientifically tested and is known to contain very many benefits. The including healing benefits from short-term to long term illnesses.

According to the DEA, all products that are obtained from the hemp plant are illegal including CBD. In the United States, the declaration has brought on major confusion especially in regards to online users. This is against the fact that CBD is still available in stores.

The legality of CBD has brought on a lot of confusion in states such as Indiana and Wisconsin. One resident of the Wisconsin state was charged with drug possession for having possession of CBD. This is prior to the development of a new rule, fully legalizing CBD. The lawsuit was joined in by other advocates of the hemp industry who were positive that the legal issues would lessen and that CBD would be declared legal.


Gavel with hemp leaf

The Hoban Law Group was also greatly involved in the suit too, they specialize on the law on cannabis. The Hoban Law collectively shot back the rumors that pertain to CBD and the whole hemp industry.

Amid the controversies surrounding the findings of CBD, the ruling of the court did not have the ability to determine the conclusions that CBD oil is illegal. The ruling should shed a light on the advantages as well as the disadvantages that surround CBD in order to calm down the rumors that surround it.

The court dismissed the bill that was put in place the substance control laws. The DEA used the CSA to rule out that CBD and hemp products are illegal. This contradicts the farm bill and essentially the legality of CBD and hemp are on the winning side.

According to Hoban, this indicates that there is hope for the CBD related industry and all hemp products.

Another advocate who is quite renowned with the legalization of cannabis, Rod Knight made a much-needed statement on May 2 analysis of the HIA vs. DEA decision. According to his article Knight declares that the results of the ruling were not all disadvantageous.

Knight clarified that was made indicating that CBD is illegal just as the case was about to begin. The official proclamation does not entirely claim that CBD is illegal if it is extracted from a well-known source such as the hemp plant. The DEA’s statement is a clear indication that the issues surrounding CBD are not yet settled although his statement tends to state otherwise.

On the contrary, not much has been altered about life before or even after the ruling regarding CBD. This has made things more complicated than before when it comes to issues surrounding CBD and its side effects.


Although the suit can be appealed, the director of HIA says that they are still reviewing their options in regards to the case. The need to review the case is still dependent on various issues that surround it.

According to Keahey,  they have approximately forty-five days to bring together the board, other parties involved in the petition to ensure that they review the options that are in place and determine what strategy they should take. They are determined to ensure that they make the right decision and that they do whatever it takes to ensure the required and necessary legal steps are taken.

At an average, the hemp experts do not necessarily think that the lawsuit will affect the industry largely. In contrast, they think that with CBD products still selling through the internet and ithe n majority of the states in America, the industry will still continue to do well. With an upcoming bill “Hemp Farming Act of 2018, it is likely that hemp products and supplements could be fully legalized and sold in most states. The bill is gaining so much support with the support it is garnering from a political leader, Mitch McConnel thus gaining a lot of party support.

Whether they get the opportunity to  appeal the case or not, the director says she is thrilled about the upcoming Hemp History Week, which the CBD related products, other industries and its philanthropists with the nonprofit Vote Hemp and others. the event takes place from the 4th of June to 10th 2018 and it looks at the history and benefits as well as the disadvantages of the hemp. The hemp week looks at the campaigns seeking to show the advantages of the hemp plant and its other constituents. It also looks at the alternative ways it can be utilized.

The event in this week’s campaign takes a look at the benefits of making the hemp plant as well as its product fully legal. It takes a look at lawmakers and how they can lobby their voters in this campaign.

Keahey hopes that this week’s event sees more responses from both the constituents and the Congress. This will help the country as well as other stakeholders to take into consideration the benefits that the products that come from the hemp plant have to offer.

They are also hopeful that most states take into account the benefits that the hemp industry has brought on to the world and ensuring that they learn about them and not jump into conclusions.

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