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How Can CBD Oil Help You Quit Smoking?

CBD can have many health benefits for you, in fact, it can even prevent cancer cells from spreading, and it can reduce more minor symptoms like pain and inflammation. These aren’t the only conditions that this is able to treat and soothe, as there are hundreds more and the list is still ongoing. More recently CBD has been in the news because it’s been proven to help quite a few people quit their smoking habit.

This is great news as a total of 7 million people die each year just from smoking, so the more people that are able to quit smoking the better, as it will prevent them from getting any serious health problems.

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So how does it work?

So basically when somebody smokes the nicotine in the cigarette is able to release dopamine in your brain, and this is a very powerful neurotransmitter. This means that the brain will feel pleasure and so will you, because of this your brain will want nicotine more and more so that more dopamine will be released in your brain and it will feel that pleasure again. This is what makes it extremely difficult for somebody to stop smoking as his or her brain will be craving this pleasure.


You may have also seen around some of the quit smoking products, like a nicotine patch. This provides your brain with the nicotine in order for your brain to release dopamine and make it feel that pleasure again. However, sometimes people don’t find these that effective. But there is another method that you can try in order to quit your smoking habit, and this is CBD, as this has now been scientifically proven to stop you craving nicotine.

You may think that CBD is cannabis, but it’s really not. Cannabis has THC, which is the psychoactive compound in cannabis that is able to make you high. CBD does not have this compound. In fact, Cannabis and CBD are more like cousins, as they do come from the same family. They both have exactly the same compounds as one another, but they are simply in a different order. One thing you will find if you choose to use CBD in order to help you quit smoking is that you won’t get a buzz like you do after you have a cigarette. The way that CBD is able to help you quit is that it will stop you from having withdrawal symptoms and cravings for a cigarette.

The research behind this theory:

There have been many case studies into this theory, and one research study that was led by Dr CJ Morgan who is a Clinical Psychopharmacologist at the University College of London designed a small research project into the theory.

The project used 24 smokers, and they were then split into two equal groups which were chosen at random. Each of the smokers was given a specific inhaler, and they showed them how to use it. They were given instructions that said whenever they felt like they needed to smoke they should use the inhaler. It must be noted that neither of the groups was told to stop smoking or reduce the amount they were smoking. They were just instructed to use the inhaler whenever they felt themselves craving for a cigarette.

One of the groups inhalers had CBD in, while the other half had no CBD; it was just a placebo. Neither of the groups knew this information. It was found that the groups who have the placebo inhaler didn’t make any difference in the number of cigarettes that they were smoking during the week. Whereas, the other group who did have CBD in their inhaler each had up to 40% fewer cigarettes just in that week. Not only this, but this effect from the CBD carried on after they even stopped the research study. Therefore CBD can really help you stop smoking, or at least stop you smoking as many cigarettes as you were.

Can CBD oil help you quit smoking weed?

There has been a lot of research into how CBD can help smokers quit the habit, but what about people that are addicted to weed? Well, it’s actually been proven that CBD is able to help them too. It’s helped quite a lot of people get through the withdrawal stage of coming off of weed. This stage is different from most other substances like tobacco and alcohol addiction, as the withdrawal stage from weed has been known to be mild, but it is also challenging.

One way that has been known to ease down the withdrawal symptoms is by taking CBD over a time period of two to four weeks. This is because this works in a way that will ease the cannabis withdrawal symptoms, in a similar way that a nicotine patch would help ease the symptoms of a tobacco smoker.

This is because when you decide to alter the form of the cannabinoid that you’re taking you will be changing your routine. Not only this, but CBD has a lot less psychoactive effects so this would be a great step down from cannabis. It’s not able to help you come off of cannabis completely, but it will be able to help reduce your withdrawal symptoms, which will make you want to consume less cannabis and stop smoking it as often as you may do.

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