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Hemp Road Trip: Delivering a Powerful Message Of Pro-Hemp Advocacy

It took Rick Trojan  III as well as his friends a whole year to traverse the country while demanding that hemp is legalized.

He confessed to us via a phone call we had earlier on in the week that they went around 48 states in just the last eighteen months.

Motivated by the experiences he had as a grower from Colorado, his goal for the Hemp Road  Trip was to help in showing the country why such a valuable crop needs to be legalized across the nation as well as in educating people of the diverse benefits that hemp provides. He discovered that the biggest challenge was in getting over years of fear that was as a result of the War on Drugs though he was lucky to meet with people who were ready to listen to him as well as learn more about hemp.

Trojan is currently working on transforming the experiences he had into a documentary that specifically highlights the Hemp Road Trip as well as the hemp industry, he is hopeful that this will help in creating awareness for a big group of people.  Trojan has already rallied lots of contributors to bring in their talent to the project, he went an extra mile of launching an IndieGogo campaign on Tuesday which would help him finish on this particular project in order to be able to bring this to audiences around the world.

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Trojan is a co-owner of a company that creates Cannabidiol oil supplements using hemp that is cultivated in northeastern Colorado, he, however, was frustrated at some point when he discovered that there was lots of confusion with regards to legal issues surrounding CBD as this barred him from selling his products like CBD vape oil all over the country.

He noted that they were unable to sell their products to their friends who lived in states such as California or even Kansas.

In as much the sell of CBD was actually legalized for purposes of research under the 2014 Farm Bill, users have not encountered any major legal hurdles while purchasing or even using the Cannabidiol supplements, the DEA, however, has continuously insisted that Cannabidiol is not legal according to federal law.

Trojan notes that this is not fair to local farmers as well as producers and it is also not so American but very wrong in an actual sense.

He went on to tell us that sometime back he was complaining on this topic to a friend in a bar who told him to take action concerning the situation.

After this, Trojan went ahead and purchased a bus and customized it to utilize biodiesel fuel, he then covered the bus with different illustrations that indicated the diverse benefits of hemp that  entail stuff such as CBD oils, hempcrete as well as many products that can be used on a daily basis; after this was done, he went out for the tour.

The journey began in Iowa Caucus in January 2016, the Hemp Road Trip was able to cover 48 states which included Washington D.C as well as Puerto Rico.  This tour was inclusive of 3 very specific phases. The initial phase was following the presidential primaries across the country trying to reach out to as many voters as well as candidates as they could get their hands on.

They then focused on offering talks in University campuses after which they paid a visit to the different state as well as federal legislators in their homes and places of work and the messages were constant hemp legalization.

As they were moving about, they made various stops which included events such as Vote Hemp Lobby Day, they also met supportive businesses which included Nutiva,Winterfox Farms, Marcel Hemp, Mt. Hempire, Dash Hemp as well as  Dr. Bronner’s



Their journey had its highlights as well as low moments from the very beginning. Trojan laughed at the fact that their bus actually broke down on the first day they started their journey.

As they were waiting for their bus to be repaired, he tells us that they met a farmer whose initial reaction to hemp was that of hostility:

Here is how the conversation went down, ”So what exactly do you do?”

“I own a hemp farm that is based in Colorado.”

With that, he did not even shake my hand. He insisted he had a commercial drivers license.

He feared that shaking my hand would give him positive results for a drug test as far as his commercial driver’s license was concerned. This was literally how our day one went down.

In just forty-five minutes of candid talk, the farmer had a complete change of perspective.

He not only shook my hand but he attested to the fact that he still had a lot that he could learn and the fact that their state could make use of the crop.  This, in my opinion, was a sign indicating  how the trip would go.

There were times people would just have fears regarding hemp though in other instances they would show the enthusiasm of the potential hemp held for them as well as their communities.

There are so many people who face issues especially since the economy is so tough this also translates to hemp being a great opportunity in these harsh times, Trojan noted.

Trojan was constantly asked the question of how hemp could get into the community. He notes that this is both an economic issue as well as logistics and a conversation that needs to be had and that alone shows the steps that have been made in the industry.

Legislators were among those who showed interest in hearing more about hemp:

In Utah, we went to the Senatorial office and police were summoned as well as the K9 unit to block us from seeing the Senators.  Fortunately, after days, were actually trying to speak to different senators at the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy which was totally accidental. The cops, on the other hand, were scared though they warmed up to us later.

As Trojan noted, a lot of the legislators were open to learning because Republicans as well as  Democrats do show their support for hemp:

Being an advocate, I would approach Republicans and tell them the issue at hand concerns jobs. There is a need for jobs. It also happens to be less of government kind of issue, more jobs are needed to stimulate the economy, so why would they not want this?  This kind of argument is easy for the Republicans. For Democrats, this would still be an issue touching on  jobs too, though it would also touch on the environment, safety, as well as an issue that is closely related to health.

Though there has been a lot of division in Congress, he is hopeful that the Industrial Hemp Farming Act will be reintroduced at a later date in the year and that this time there will be support from both parties.


Trojan confesses that it will be hard to convert eighteen months worth of a trip into one film since his plans for the documentary are big, he also hopes that this documentary turns out to be the biggest movie on hemp in close to more than 10 years.

Production for this documentary has already begun, the Indiegogo campaign is meant to offset the costs incurred in creating this while raising awareness on the project.

He told us that their budget was limited though they were looking into making a big splash. He also noted that they were bringing in independent bands to make music as the wanted the project to be more collaborative.

Those who will be donating to the crowd funding campaign will get access digitally  to the documentary, other perks such as the poster for the movie, the U.S. Constitution will also be printed on hemp, as well as VIP tickets for a screening that will take place in Denver.

The major focus for this film will be on the “state of hemp” in the United States after this particular road trip across the nation, it will feature individuals who work in the industry.

According to Trojan, they would be explaining hemp and what it is all about, cover less history and dwell on the current issues.

It is important to note that hemp was used for a long time in the US, its history already explained in different documentaries which are inclusive of “Hemp for Victory” Trojan on the other hand is hopeful that the film “Hemp Road Trip”  will focus on educating people on the hemp’s journey to legalization.

Trojan told us that his intention was for people to learn something as well as discover the potential hemp had while holding the belief that the government needed to step out of the way. He wanted people to show enthusiasm on the limitless possibilities hemp has and also get the motivation to act.



According to Trojan, the political system is a mess and this cuts across. His biggest criticism was on the Drug Enforcement Administration  who have continually opposed legalization of hemp as well as cannabis.

If they happen to not seize cannabis, they would lose lots of people as well as jobs and money. The DEA  have a special interest in the fear they cause and would like to keep this up.  is kind of financial interest is not what America needs right now.

The trip motivated Trojan to be involved in the political processes.

Apart from promoting the legalization of hemp, Trojan is hopeful that his story will inspire people to follow in his steps and be more invested in working to improve the nation.

My biggest lesson from this is if one needs change, they have to be involved. You have the opportunity to speak about it or take action and for me, I chose to take action.

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