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Study: Out of 2,400 CBD Users, 42 Percent Gave Up Pharmaceuticals

Recent studies have shown that a lot of consumers are opting to use pure CBD oil and foregoing pharmaceutical drugs.

CBD is one of the products of the hemp plant but unlike other extracts, it does not make the consumer feel delirious.

A study done earlier in August by therapeutic cannabis support and education website targeted 2,400 Hello MD registered users. It was shocking to realize that 42% of CBD users have already given up using pharmaceutical drugs. These figures include those who use the stronger strains of cannabis like marijuana and those who use mild strains such as CBD oil.

They also consume supplements of CBD oil that are manufactured from hemp. This indicates that a lot of people are in favor of cannabis as compared to other drugs that are generally considered healthier and safe for human consumption.

The health benefits associated with CBD oil are numerous and one of the most popular benefits is that it is a pain reliever. It is believed that it works with brain receptors in order to minimize inflammation and act as a relief for pain.


Mice Experiments Proved CBD Useful

This experiment was first conducted on mice and rats by the Journal of Experimental Medicine but it also documented that it is effective in human beings. The report included the fact that CBD worked as a pain reliever without causing adverse side effects in human beings. This translates to CBD being as effective or even better than pharmaceutical drugs as reported by patients.

CBD is known to treat physiological symptoms but it is important to note that it can also be used in psychological conditions.

The University of Sao Paulo conducted research and concluded that CBD is one of the products that can be used to help in fighting anxiety. CBD, therefore, carbs anxiety or what is commonly referred to as the social anxiety disorder which is related to brain activity.

However, early this year, the court ruled that CBD vape oil and other related products were not safe for consumption. This is despite the numerous campaigns that have been ongoing to spread the word that CBD has a lot of value.

This ruling came at a time when CBD has been known to be a cure to most life-threatening diseases. It has even been named a miracle medicine by most of its advocates since it is known to relieve conditions such as depression, diabetes, and arthritis.


HelloMD and BrightfieldGroup Study Report 2017

Majority of the interviewees in the study confessed that CBD helps greatly in comparison to pharmaceutical drugs. This is in consideration that these patients use CBD regularly. 82% of the respondents reported that it worked as a respite for most of their health complications.

This ranged from psychological problems such as anxiety and other chronic ailments. The study has a few drawbacks but it safe to say that it mostly has more strengths rather than weaknesses. This translates to mean that most individuals prefer using CBD hemp extracts to pharmaceutical drugs for their various ailments.

While it is all over the news and tabloids about how people are choosing CBD over pharmaceuticals, including renown magazines such as Forbes- our intention was to find out more into this topic as it seemed to be fascinating enough. It reveals the various ways in which people are utilizing cannabidiol CBD in its diverse forms.

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52% of people who took part in a research confirmed that CBD is gaining more popularity in comparison to pharmaceutical drugs. This is as shown by research conducted by Hello MD and Brightfield. These people use CBD for various conditions while taking care of the various conditions they may be battling with.


HelloMD and BrightfieldGroup Study Report 2017

CBD is consumed by people for various reasons such as relieving them the various conditions they may be suffering from. This ranges from anxiety, insomnia, joint pains and inflammation and additionally, depression. This was through a report by Hello MD and Brightfield Group authors.

Scientific evidenced has backed up the claim that CBD can cure or relieve pains such as insomnia, anxiety, schizophrenia and all forms of chronic pains. These are the same conditions that were researched on and detailed by us. Therefore, more and more evidence is sprouting in relation to the benefits of using CBD over medical drugs.



It is of paramount importance to remember that CBD does not offer the maximum benefits that are required by a patient at all times. They do not guarantee 100% results and most patients have confessed that they usually mix them up with pharmaceutical drugs for optimal results.

They also agree that these combinations have proven to work for their conditions with no major side effects. Importantly, CBD oils may be very useful to a lot of people but we cannot completely ignore traditional medicine. Prescription drugs are still useful today since they are also very accessible to most people.

This study is very important though it strongly differs with some of the research that is usually published in scientific and medical journals. Some of the users of prescription drugs have switched camp to cannabis as a form of pain reliever. Those who have not started experiencing its advantages may be required to look into surveys of the same. The research on mixing Cannabis and pharmaceutical drugs are still ongoing to determine its benefits and drawbacks if any.


According to the authors of Hello MD and Brightfield, more in-depth analysis of the connection between the cure of some health problems and CBD will be required. The authors caution that they are not sure that the link exists.


tablets, capsules and CBD oil



According to a study by Hello Med and Brightfield, there are various ways in which people choose to consume CBD. An average of 50% or more people who were included in the survey confirmed that they prefer to consume it as a vape. Others prefer to take them in the form of ointments, tinctures or even gummies.

Where different cannabinoid  chemicals work together to strengthen each other. Most of the respondents also claimed that they also prefer to mix up CBD and THC which are both extracts of cannabis. Most of the interviewees occasionally utilize strains of cannabis that are very high in CBD. However, the users may be using these two compounds together in order to get a triple effect.

For instance, consumers can alternate CBD- products with THC-dominant products in order to achieve the desired effects. These effects are said to give them complete healing. Consuming the two in different intervals allows individuals to have a clear mind during the day and during their relaxation time, they can consume THC. This was as per a survey by the authors.

Only 29 states and the Colombia district have given cannabis legal status in some way. The authority is still determined to invade states which  have already made cannabis legal. Cannabis still remains unreachable by very many Americans.

58% of the population that uses CBD happens to be made up of women. We attribute this to the fact that a lot of women are searching for the benefits of CBD to help in improving their lives for the better. They also are known to purchase CBD oil to help those who are close to them.



CBD supplements as well as different products that are extracted from CBD have shown to propel towards a bright future. According to presumptions by the Brightfield Group:

“According to this survey, CBD has shown that it has the capability of curing different illnesses. It is also surprising that it has the ability to surpass over-the-counter prescriptions as well as other drugs.

CBD research continues to take precedence and as such, this will enable the consumers to fully understand its efficiency. This will also be made possible in the event that the restrictions on cannabis will be made lighter in most states. With all these, CBD is set to take over the industry in terms of curing major ailments as well as replacing prescription medicines”.

The above study shows that there is the ability of CBD in  healing the various diseases that it has been linked with or even more. We are hopeful that in the days to come, the medical research field acknowledges CBD fully for use by patients.

The government should fully embrace the idea of legalizing cannabis in most states since it has shown that it is capable of producing many desired outcomes for the benefit of human beings.



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