Hempcrete house

Hempcrete Homes Are Sustainable, Durable, And Healthier To Live in

Are you familiar with this material used for the building which is long-lasting, sustainable, and has great health benefits to its residents with no carbon negative effects? This material is known as hempcrete, it is a compound prepared from fibers that originate from the industrialized hemp plant blended together with lime.

The U.S is greatly situated for a greater chance of flourishing in the hempcrete building. There is growing attention in the green building since individuals are looking for a more sustainable, cost-effective option compared to the traditional buildings that are prepared by means of dwindling natural materials such as wood or from petrochemicals. As many individuals are getting to learn about the benefits of hemp, the stigma within this plant is somehow coming to an end.

The health advantages that hempcrete has are exceptional, and since it allows for affordability, modular design, this can as well provide a way of solving the crisis that America has of affordable housing.

Greg Flavall who is the Chief Executive of Hemp Technologies which is known to be a top builder of the hempcrete homes mentioned that hempcrete is a great material. He uttered that he has never come across any material like that, even after their study of different materials such as corn stalks, flax, wood as well as linseed oil stalks. Hemp is the best among all of them.

In the year 2009, the first hempcrete home was built in North America, in North Carolina and was overseen by the Hemp Technologies. Due to the uncertainty in the legality of hemp, Flavall had to go to New Zealand to get the building materials where hemp is legally grown for use. Flavall has been traveling around the world assisting people in the construction of hempcrete buildings; he works on each and everything from rooms that you can use in wine tasting to jungle cabanas. Since hemp and hemp products like CBD oil is gaining popularity in the United States, Flavall services are becoming highly demanded.

Recently we had a talk with Flavall in order to find out more regarding the reason hempcrete is considered to be great as compared to different materials used in green building, and to also get to know more concerning his latest project which is a home retrofit that may shortly become part of a forthcoming television show on homes made from hempcrete.

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Agricultural hemp is closely related to psychotropic cannabis that is well known as marijuana which is a plant consumed by individuals in order to get the feeling of being high. Growing hemp is basically done for its fibrous, tall, leafy stalks that are somehow alike like those of bamboo; however, marijuana is valued because of its flowery tops.

Hempcrete is prepared from hemp shivs, these are the fibrous, woody core of the stalks, well identified as the hurd. These shivs are cut into small pieces that are mixed up with water as well as a lime binder forming concrete-like stone slabs which consist of a lovely, earthy look which most individuals find to be attractive.

The sustainability of hemp makes it a better alternative compared to a lot of other crops which are regularly grown, since it needs a small amount of pesticides and may be grown with ease in plots that are extremely dense. However, the advantages of hemp do not end at that, particularly if it concerns homes made from hempcrete. As noted by Flavall there have been cases of reduced absenteeism and lower expenditure on medical care as a result of people living in hemp buildings.

Similarly to several features of hemp disciplines, additional research is required so as to confirm how important the health benefits of a hempcrete are to its residents, however, Flavall’s argument makes a lot of sense as you put into consideration the numerous documented useful features of this material. Similar to the original hemp plant, hempcrete is recognized to be highly pest resistant. It is as well a long lasting and fire defiant material; this is particularly of great importance when they are built in surroundings such as New Zealand, where rains and seismic tremor are experienced frequently.

Hempcrete functions very perfectly, it gets to dry up, sucking up air thus making the indoor standards of living so unique. When hempcrete gets to dry up, it will absorb the carbon dioxide generated by the residents thus making it grow harder, and eventually turns to stone. This will not only ensure that the structure becomes stronger but also it ensures that hempcrete is made into a carbon-negative building material through leaving a lesser amount of the greenhouse gas in the air compared to what is generated by using it in the building.

Hempcrete being in this kind of form has remained to be breathable. Homes remain to be rainproof, however, they are permeable to moisture and gases and they have a reduction in their proneness to mold plus they are ideal for the general wellbeing of those who reside there.

As for Flavall’s estimations, hempcrete structures in the United States has remained carbon neutral although nearly all the hemp which is in use in constructing the latest projects has to be imported. This material is an amazing cost-effective alternative as stated by Flavall; he mentioned that hempcrete is extremely affordable compared to some regular building materials as long as its use is appropriate.

It has extra benefits of saving on the cost of heating plus cooling during the lifespan of the building.
Flavall mentioned that the price of moving into your current home is similar to that used in ordinary constructions.


Hemp Home Retrofit Became a ‘Relationship builder’ For Petersen Family

Stacy Petersen uttered that what initiated their hempcrete project was that they were passionate about natural buildings.

Following different sustainable constructions, supporters advised her about their work, making Flavall and Hemp Technologies lead the most important retrofit made from hempcrete of the Petersen family’s home, which is situated in Excelsior Springs, in Missouri, December in the year 2017.

Hempcrete is simple to work with and this is the reason why every person, as well as family friends, were able to take part in the process of building.Petersen mentioned that this is a way of bringing people together. The building process was a way of building relationships in addition to insulating their house with hempcrete.

Jon Petersen who is the husband to Stacey and a Pastor of Ministries at Desperation Church In Liberty, in Missouri, have embraced hemp thus providing one more sign that there could be an end to the stigma surrounding the hemp. Petersen said that they have by now made plans of another hemp project by utilizing the remaining supplies which may be a greenhouse or a cottage for his mother-in-law. However, they have been using cannabidiol oil which is an extraction from industrialized hemp so as to help them in easing the symptoms of extreme epilepsy that their son Jeriah who is ten years old has been experiencing.

According to a research body, cannabidiol oil is useful to children suffering from epilepsy, and this actually is working for Jeriah. Though this does not miraculously heal and he at times experiences severe seizures which lands him to the hospital, this supplement reduces the amount of seizures he gets to experience. One more thing which is of great importance is that Stacey believes that this has assisted her family to ensure that Jeriah quits some harmful medicines that was, in reality, worsening his condition.

Another child in Colorado had been attempting to quit the medication for about one year and a half, the drug is very powerful and it is in about two months that we were capable of helping him quit it. The Petersens continue to make use of cannabidiol while Jeriah gets to explore different forms of treatment; his sickness has as well been an inspiration for them when it comes to hempcrete.

As a result of Jeriah using a wheelchair, the Petersens changed their former multi-story house for a single-story 1960s home which covers around 2300 square feet.Stacey mentioned that their son experiences a number of challenges making it the reason why they require to live in a healthy environment and thus their interest in hempcrete. She also said they are in love with hempcrete because of its properties of being a pest and fire resistant material, and it needs extremely low maintenance. She is all about things that are making her life easy.


Hempcrete Affordable housing: Looking toward the future

The retrofit constructed in Petersen’s current home got to be filmed for a forthcoming latest television series, known as “HT Global Hemp House Build” which is now developed by Flavall together with Diana Oliver who is from Thunderbird Productions,  and a producer of the Hempsters documentary series. This TV show is looking for sponsors, although they have by now filmed a number of episodes which among them is the one that features the Petersen that will eventually be given the title “The Hempster and the Pastor.”

Flavall and Oliver were working together on their first episode in the year 2011, alongside Ervin Dargon of Mingo Video; however, the unexpected death of Dave Madera who was Flavall’s business partner, from cancer, discontinued the early phase of their project. The initial episode was a dedication to Madera. When Flavall was doing construction using hempcrete in the United States last year, they made up their mind to restart the show.

Oliver said that it is a dream to those who own homes to reduce their carbon traces and create elegant homes that are long-lasting and which have properties of being pest, mold, and fire resistant.

This show appears at the right time according to Flavall, as he uttered that the interest in hempcrete and hemp is thriving. Although he has been lawfully using hempcrete in constructions in the United States and other places for about ten years, he acknowledges the increased interest in hempcrete to the widespread legalization of cannabis.

He says he is among the baby boomers and many baby boomers are getting back to him telling him they can now build using hemp since smoking it has now been legalized.

Flavall desire is to assist in tackling the cost-effective housing crisis that is experienced in the United States through the construction of additional units to the already accessible homes that are made using hempcrete.  There is a great interest arising from individuals that are capable of building extra or retrofit their garages as well as constructing a detached flat for their grannies.

Hemp may aid in bringing their moms and dads at home, and their children too since you can build extra space with a lower impact. Flavall has a belief that among the growing demand for green building, plus the increased interest in small homes, the future of hempcrete is greater in the U.S.

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