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Contacting Us

Our contact address is 84 Lodge Road, Southampton, SO14 6RG. You may also contact us by telephone on +442392 160878 or alternatively, you can email us

Website information

We have put all our efforts into ensuring that we provide you with honest and accurate information on this website. Regardless, we make no claims to give representation or warranty to any of the information listed.

We also do not take responsibility for any loss (whether it’s direct, indirect or consequential) that could occur by using or relying on the information listed on this website, or by error and omission. We only take liability for accidents resulting in death or personal injury that are directly inflicted by our negligence.

Description of Products

The descriptions that are provided alongside our products on the website are approximate representations of the product and we reserve the right to change and edit them in ways that do not affect the quality or performance of these products directly.

We also reserve the right to correct and edit any error on the website and to withdraw any of our products from the website without incurring liability. Price and availability statuses can also be changed with no prior notice.

Ordering Products

You are able to purchase and order our products from our website by filling out and submitting the form provided at the check-out procedure.

We will then ensure to confirm your order by sending a relevant email, and this email will make and seal the contract between us (whether the email is received or not).

The Price and Payment

The value of the products will be the price that is quoted on the website during the time that we obtain and verify your order. The price will contain any other applicable values or added taxes, but the cost of delivery will be kept separate.

When you agree to the price, you will also be subject to agree to our delivery charges that are clearly stated on our website- this doesn’t concern customers that are eligible for free delivery services. The delivery charges may vary depending on how the package will be delivered, and where you live.

All payments are made by credit or debit cards or Amazon Pay simultaneously as we secure your order. (all the payment methods that we accept are listed on the website during the time of the order). Refunds will also usually be done by following the rules of the original payment method.

Even though we take great care in providing you with accurate and quality content on this website, mistakes happen. Occasionally there may be an item that has errors or maybe mispriced due to our fault. Should this occur, we will make contact to ensure if you would like to keep the order or cancel it. We also do not hold ourselves to the commitment of selling the goods at the incorrect price listed.

The warranty period will apply to be within 24 months, or until the ‘best before’ date comes to pass.

Unfortunately, as a result of various card scheme regulations, no CBD products are allowed to be sold/shipped or dispatched to the US. All US cards will be blocked.

Shipping & Returns

Our goal is to dispatch all orders made by 2pm the same day Monday through Friday. This depends also on the availability of the products.

After the order is placed, we will arrange the delivery of each and every single one of the products by your specified method and to your specific address that you list during the check-out procedure. The time for delivery, however, will not be subdued to the contract between us.

If you do not provide an adequate address where the products can be delivered or give reasonable delivery instructions, we reserve the right to cancel your order and keep the products. Should this happen, the customer will be held accountable to pay any fees that may come from delivery charges. We will, however, make sure to offer a full refund for the product.

If you find that you made an error during the check-out, or if you have any other problems that consider delivery errors, you must notify us in written-form within 14 days after the product arrives. We are not held accountable for any loss or damage of the goods if you disregard this.

You are allowed to return the goods purchased once the order has been dispatched within 30 days of receiving the package. The product must be unopened and sealed to ensure that no denaturing took place, otherwise we cannot place the refund.

If you would like to return the purchased products, please contact us through email while stating your order number.

All the products that we promote on our website are 100% legal to be consumed within the United Kingdom. We are not held accountable for providing any information concerning the legality of our products in other countries. When going abroad or ordering from another country, you accept the responsibility to hold yourself accountable by local laws and customer regulations regarding the products that you purchase. When you purchased at CBD Oils UK, you agree to accept all the responsibilities and consequences that come with ordering the products when they are dispatched.

KarmaCBDOils does not claim that either the information or the products provided on the website are legal to be used outside the United Kingdom. Every piece of information and data that is provided by KarmaCBDOils is meant for educational use only and to inform and educate people interested in CBD. You should never interpret our instructions as a must to take specific action. If you choose to use the information provided for illegal purposes, you will do so at your own risk. KarmaCBDOils does not stand by that the information listed on the website is current, up-to-date or accurate in any way, shape or form.

When purchasing and consuming our products, you take full responsibility for any personal injury, damage, punitive measures, lost profit or revenues, loss of product or property that occurs as a direct action stemming from purchasing the product. Any misuse resulting from the purchase of our goods will leave the customers accountable, and we do not take responsibility for their actions.

We do not support or encourage illegal use pertaining to our products. If you have any doubts about CBD availability in your country or its legality, we recommend consulting your solicitor for additional information.

We do not state that our products have any medical value, and we do not state that they can be used as medicine or as a replacement for any other legal health drugs and/or medicines.

All of the pictures, illustrations, texts, designs and logos included and used on this website are subjected to a copyright law. Any commercial use of any of these is strictly prohibited and frowned upon if it’s not done under the written permission of KarmaCBDOils.


For warranty, we encourage you to look and refer to the ‘best before’ dates listed on the packaging of the product in question. Regardless, we make sure to guarantee the product to be able to last at least 6 months after it being dispatched from our quarters.