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What Are The Actual Benefits of CBD?

The excitement about CBD seems to have spread far and wide across the nation eliciting varied responses from both friend and foe. The government continues to insist on the illegality of anything derived from cannabis while advocates highlight the positive stories profiling those who have been healed or gotten relief from CBD.

A lot of content is available on CBD oil products but a clearer picture of the actual benefits of CBD is lacking.

CBD has been touted as a revolutionary extract with amazing potential. We explore further to find out what are the actual benefits.



The media has been instrumental in the current hype surrounding CBD. Reports about the benefits of CBD have been highlighted across the nation ranging from patients whose cancer went into remission, relief for people with seizures and dog owners using CBD oil to treat pain and anxiety.

The media reports have all painted a picture of desperate people who have tried different treatments for their conditions with minimal success. After using CBD there seems to be a consensus that this hemp extract has brought relief to many of these sufferers. However, there is no irrefutable evidence on CBD’s efficacy and the mechanism of action. This has left many users without the necessary information on this potential cure for a myriad of conditions.



The limited information on CBD can be attributed to its relationship with marijuana. Products of CBD came from hemp extract. Both marijuana and hemp belong to the cannabis family.  The two plants contain the same ingredients (THC and CBD) but they are unique strains with particularly different phytochemical makeup. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the active ingredient found in marijuana that is responsible for the psychoactive or “high” effect. CBD is cannabidiol which belongs to a class of chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant called cannabinoids.

Although CBD does not have any psychoactive properties, its close association with marijuana has affected the public’s perception of such an important extract.


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The genesis of this negative opinion can be traced to the enactment of the Marihuana Act in the 1930s. This was further strengthened by the Controlled Substances Act in the 1970s. These laws effectively banned cannabis and any of its derivatives, describing them as addictive and harmful.

The classification of cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug by the Drug Enforcement Administration has led to CBD being regarded as an illegal substance. This has prevented any tangible progress in understanding its potential.

Research on CBD has also been curtailed because of the legislation mentioned above. Any probable information about the medical uses of CBD has to go through the Federal Drug Administration which also considers CBD an illegal substance.

The minimal research findings available indicate that there are considerable medical benefits from CBD. There is even a patent that has been filed at the U.S. patent office detailing the CBD properties considered beneficial medically. With more than 85 different cannabinoids identified in the cannabis plant, extensive research is still needed to ascertain the actual benefits of CBD. This will enable companies and other entrepreneurs to make objective claims that can be verified. At the moment any claim about the benefits of CBD is done without approval from the Federal Drug Administration which can lead to legal ramifications.



The little research findings available already show considerable progress in understanding how CBD interfaces with the body through the brain. Further interrogation is now required to establish how these interactions produce the outcomes witnessed.

The government’s position on cannabis has hindered increased research on CBD. Many fear to develop a substance that will still be regarded as illegal because it is derived from cannabis.

We take a look at some of the benefits of CBD identified so far;

  1. Epilepsy – Evidence has shown that CBD is effective in the management of epilepsy and is strongly recommended among various therapies. This hemp extract has also been cited in a documentary as being effective in managing dravet syndrome.
  2. Chronic Pain – Recent findings have indicated that CBD can effectively reduce chronic pain in patients suffering from various conditions. CBD has also been found to stem chronic neuropathic and inflammatory pain when administered intrathecally. The advantage is that it does not manifest analgesic tolerance in patients compared to conventional therapies. In Canada, CBD and another cannabinoid called tetrahydrocannabinol have been approved by regulators for the relief of neuropathic pain in multiple sclerosis.
  3. Anxiety – The anti-anxiety properties of CBD are part of the most promising elements of this extract. Studies have indicated that CBD is effective against anxiety in cases involving both humans and dogs. CBD’s action on the paralimbic and limbic regions of the brain affects the Endocannabinoid System which is the nerve center for regulating mood and sleep. Patients with a social anxiety disorder were pretreated with CBD to determine its effect and in the findings, CBD was found to have an anxiolytic-like effect on patients, considerably reducing their anxiety, cognitive impairment and improving their speech function.
  4. DepressionSmall doses of CBD have been shown to increase focus and activity in subjects. However, higher doses have been determined to give a sedative effect. In animal studies, it was shown that CBD produces an antidepressant effect. On further analysis, it was discovered that CBD’s action was centered on augmenting the glutamate and serotonergic cortical signaling through a mechanism that is dependent on the 5-HT1A receptor.

Additional research is required to determine the optimal dosage to treat depression as shown by the OBX-induced hyperactivity.



Early indications are that CBD has great potential to replace synthetic drugs and offer a natural remedy for various ailments. This will depend largely on how quickly further research can be conducted to provide deeper insight into the extract’s mechanism. This can be achieved if the offending legislation is revised to give advocates the space to pursue research in a legal environment.

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