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What Are the Side Effects of CBD Oil?

CBD has recently been receiving lots of attention so it’s not hard to gather all the necessary information required to know about its advantages- but are there disadvantages too? Does this oil have any shortcomings?

There is a lot of research that we have conducted on the advantages of pure CBD oil as well as the Endocannabinoid system in the last couple of months. Although a lot is already documented on how CBD oil has been beneficial to individuals, our intention with this article was to focus on its disadvantages too. We have done a lot of research on the pros of using oil over the past few months. We also documented a lot of its advantages and how it has helped most people but we also needed to find its shortcomings.

While compiling this particular article, we researched the scientific and subjective research information from users of the oil. Our findings show that the side effects of the oil are minimal and the advantages outweigh the shortcomings by a big margin. Reportedly so many users acknowledge the benefits of the oil while they dispel rumors of its drawbacks.


Could CDB oil have its own side effects?

It is important to note that cannabis or what is commonly referred to as marijuana is usually safe, notwithstanding what some other people and the authority wants individuals to believe. It is safe to an extent that individuals are not likely to consume an overdose of the oil. However, they can suffer from health complication if they consume or smoke too much of it. A point to put into consideration is that oil extracted from the plant is safer than all other strains of cannabis that are psychoactive. Ingesting it is therefore not fatal unless taken excessively.

Generally, our findings show that just like any research on health and its related fields, this oil is far from showing grievous drawbacks. Each of the cases about its shortcomings, consumers have confessed that it is due to their ingestion of poor-quality oil. Impurities have also been found to be a cause of poor results from the oil.

Our findings indicate that quality and the origin of the oil are extremely important and can bring a huge +difference as far as the side effects are concerned.


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The crackdown on other drugs as well as cannabis has been widespread and this made research into cannabis and hemp a big problem. Due to a lot of unpleasant cases on the effects of drugs, the research on cannabis and hemp just began.

For instance, in 2017, research geared towards identifying the advantages of cannabis in veterans who have terminal cases of PTSD commenced. However, it has not been easy and this has only been made possible by the numerous probes and struggles by these veterans who have had to risk their careers for this important research. It is fortunate that their efforts have begun producing results and allowing for the research to be conducted.

Legalization of production of hemp was made possible by the Farm Bill of 2014. Therefore, the bill should continue opening doors for the research and production of the oil to continue. As we wind up on the benefits we found out from the research on the oil, we are hopeful that we will witness additional research on the benefits and drawbacks with any of the oils over the coming years.



In as much as medical research is ongoing, there has been a lot of efforts shown by scientists in a bid to prove that the oil is safe to be consumed by human beings.

In a research conducted in 1986 by the International Journal of Neuroscience, CBD oil showed very mild effects on 5 patients used in the study. The patients used in this study were suffering from dystonic movement disorders. According to the study’s publishers, Paul Consroe, Reuven Sandyk, and Stuart R. Snider, the only side-effects experienced included low blood pressure, slowed thoughts and movements, dizziness and mild cases of drowsiness. Of all the effects other drugs have been linked to, hemp was only associated with the above few through the study.

In relation to the study, dystonia patients found products of CBD oil extremely helpful. However, for patients with Parkinson’s disease, the oil has exhibited quite a number of unpleasant side effects. On the other hand, current research has predicted that CBD is also helpful for patients with Parkinson’s disease.

According to a study conducted on volunteers who were healthy and fifteen patients suffering from epilepsy, CBD has not shown a single sign of toxicity or even severe side effects for that case. The researchers also found out that CBD could be helpful to patients suffering from epilepsy. Upon examination, these patients exhibited low signs of side-effects.


Researchers conducting a study to determine the advantages of cannabidiol in the treatment of psychosis as well as anxiety in 2006 concluded their study and published their paper with the  Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research. CBD was initially proven to be safe after research was conducted on animals and therefore the scientists concluded that:

” CBD administration through inhaling, oral or intravenous methods did not show any substantial effects in human beings. Additionally, long-lasting administration of CBD for over a month to healthy individuals in daily doses of up to 400mg did not show any significant neurological side effects. When administered to patients suffering from Huntington’s disease, the oil showcased minimal incidents of toxicity. This, therefore, concludes that CBD from extracts of hemp is safe even when administered in large quantities”.

In a study conducted in 2007, it showed that CBD, as well as similar extracts inclusive of THC,  can be quite unpleasant for people who suffer from blood clotting issues. Therefore, individuals with these health complications should be extra careful when using hemp extracts.

Advocates of hemp



Many studies consist of very small samples and each individual will react very differently to a given substance. Therefore, we took a look at the oil and reports from users. These reports were found on social media sites inclusive of Reddit which market products made from CBD.

A couple of people who utilize the oil and are sensitive to foreign substances reported feelinthe g minimal mood and brain-altering consequences although these consequences do not occur so often. Others reported that they experienced stomach upsets which included diarrhea when they orally took CBD oil.

“There are those who have indicated that the underlying issue was in the purity of the CBD extract.”

A post on Reddit suggests that some individuals will portray side effects such as headaches when they used CBD oil and this is uncommon because CBD oil has been linked to treating migraines. However, the post claims that the headaches are caused by impurities found in the oil.

“I recently started ingesting the oil for my headaches but after a period of three weeks, the headaches had gotten worse. However, I realized that the CBD oil I was consuming was cheap and of poor quality and most of the CBD sold out here is of the poorest standards”. A Reddit user going by the name Pellquin commented last year



He was right: It is quite heartbreaking that there is CBD oil that comes from unreliable companies. With the CBD oil space is young, and  it is very hard for users to know what to buy except through trials.

The CBD market is poorly regulated with most of the products being imported from other countries. Hemp absorbs chemicals from the soil which consist of mercury and lead and this makes the growing conditions a big factor in making a difference.CBD products are often labeled in unclear ways making it challenging for consumers to pick them out from other products.

Carlos Farias, the founder of Green Lotus and an expert in the growing of cannabis was interviewed and had the following to offer when buying CBD:

  • Ask for lab results from a third party before buying the oil.
  • Ensure you inspect the labeling of the product.
  • Feel free to consult an expert for any clarifications that you may need.



Generally, we discovered that scientist and medical experts recommend that CBD vape oil and other products are quite safe for a majority of the people and only contains a few side effects.

Although different person’s body system works differently, the majority of individuals can orally take CBD without very serious complications. A few of them will, however, experience a number of complications though not very major. They include stomach upsets and drying of the mouth. These effects are only linked to impurities and poor qualities of the oil.

It is important to undertake thorough research of the product you want to purchase and it is always wise to gather the necessary information from a doctor. This way you will ensure you ingest CBD in the correct way.

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