Guaranteed CBD Concentration

Each and every one of our products is HPLC analyzed by prominent testing centers so that we can assure you that they contain as much CBD as we advertise.

Quality Products

We make sure to supply all of our customers with the best, quality CBD supplements available. We do this by working side by side with the world’s most prominent CBD supplement brands and state of the art laboratories. This ensures that our products are constantly being improved based on regular customer feedback. This is how we constantly keep up with the developing CBD industry.

Super Fast Delivery

We always make sure to ship all orders the same day, Monday through Friday, as long as the order is completed before 2pm. Many of our customers often end up collecting their orders in less than 24 hrs after the transaction. This rule, however, depends on the stock availability of the product.

Thanks to individual customer reviews, we have an average 5* rating. If you would like to contribute with a review, we can recommend doing so via each product page.

Exceptional Customer Service

We take on all email inquiries with the intention to help, inform and educate. We want to advise you as best as we can, with the genuine intention to solve all queries.

Value Prices

We give you a 100% guarantee that we will not be rivaled when it comes to the prices of our quality products. We are always on the look-out to give out the most competitive prices, giving our customers the best value possible. Please email anytime you feel that you have a solid request for a price match.

Free Delivery

We provide you with free delivery in the UK for every order that goes above £100. Even for smaller orders, we make sure to keep our rates and prices competitive.

Customer Discount

Each new customer has the advantage to get 5% off of their first order by us. Please make sure to use the code ‘karmacbd’ during the checkout so that you can claim your discount that applies to all products!

Oil of the Month


Cannabidiol- or as it is widely known today, CBD- is a product that has helped many people worldwide with their health and wellbeing. Since it remains relatively unknown to the general public, there are a few key things you should know:

+CBD does not have any psychoactive qualities
+CBD goes through rigorous testing processes
+CBD can come in CBD pills, CBD balms, CBD Oil drops, CBD oil spray, CBD capsules, Vape pens, gel tabs and much more

CBD oil is, essentially, extracted from industrial hemp plants, which are 100% legal to buy in the UK, unlike marijuana. With the help of Co2 Extraction, these plants contain less than 0.2% of THC and have a very high concentration of natural, non-psychoactive CBD oil.