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Why Do We Need to Use Hemp as a Food Supplement?


Hemp Before 2000s

Hemp takes about 3-4 months to grow and mature before it can be used in food-consumption products. Since 100 years, hemp has been a familiar agricultural crop that was the day-to-day responsibility of many farmers. The resulting supplements that came from farming hemp had a variety of purposes. Ranging from treating health and medicine related problems, to being a simple healthy diet addition to help keep the protein and fiber in our bodies at suitable and optimal levels.

Hemp After 2000s

However, these old ways have abruptly come to a halting and terrifying end as soon as the 2000s approached. Along with the sudden distaste for anything cannabis-related being labeled and marked as ‘bad’, our hemp consumption has significantly dwindled and is almost 100% banished from all of our diets. We don’t get the same nutrients that our ancestors did; nutrients stemming from beneficial terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids. Many studies have shown that a vast majority of people nowadays have a endocannabinoid deficiency due to this. Our bodies naturally produce cannabinoids by themselves, and when we don’t support ourselves by also consuming them, problems being to arise.

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Endocannabinoid Deficiency

This reboot and interest in hemp have been significantly regenerated in the past years. This may come from the fact that many doctors believe endocannabinoid system deficiency can provoke dangerous diseases and serious health conditions, which can cause long-term damage.

Many scientists believe that the increase in cancer patients may just lead from the endocannabinoid deficiency that’s happening within all of us that are not regularly consuming hemp and not including it in our diets. In these cases, the body starts turning on itself due to the deficiencies. Sclerosis, Crohn’s Disease and cancer have been on the increase, and that’s why hemp research has once more been rejuvenated, in hopes that that is the answer to our health problems.

Hemp As A Food Supplement

That’s why many groups of people are turning back to hemp when seeking for a way to better and boost their everyday health, seeking for long-term benefits. It’s important to think of hemp as any other diet supplement that you take to help upgrade your health. In essence, the practice is no different than taking a dose of Vitamin C if that is what you’re lacking. It’s vital to take a look at what hemp can do for you, since even a well-planned diet won’t supply you with enough hemp that your body needs to function at its optimal levels.

Industrial Hemp & THC

An important thing to note, that sometimes gets look-over, is that while hemp does derive from cannabis, it is not psychoactive. The cannabis used to make consumer products is a form of cannabis called ‘industrial hemp’.

Industrial hemp contains less than 0.2% of THC. THC is the exact compound that makes you feel high and has a psychoactive reaction on most people. In comparison, regular cannabis contains about 15% and more of THC, that’s why the small, almost insignificant number of 0.2% is harmless and approved by authorities when used in consumer products.

Hemp Safety

Hemp doesn’t have any psychoactive properties, and despite that still retains many vital nutritional properties, like cannabidiol, terpenes and many other important compounds that help us function better. Scientists regularly take the time to back-up the safety of hemp, like in this article: Many people shy away from hemp because of its ‘cannabis’ label, but as we just explained, it’s an 100% safe supplement that is regularly used by thousands and to great effect.

Different Forms of Hemp

Even though most hemp within food supplements is crushed, it can also be considered and consumed just like any other vegetable. The flowers, as well as the leaves and seeds, can be eaten on their own and to great benefits of the consumer. Hemp doesn’t even seem to have the optimal concentration of cannabinoids, as beneficial as it is, and focuses on having a good, healthy balance of the nutritious omega fatty acids: omega 3 and omega 6.

The key point is that hemp can be eaten in many ways, whether that’s whole, pressed, in liquids or in foods, it makes a difference. Oatmeal and porridge from hemp has been reported as a great breakfast snack, and when used as an oil, hemp makes the perfect addition to any salad or meal that needs a dressing.

Improving Health With Hemp

Hemp has been known to help with many health shortcomings and has shown to help effectively treat pain in conditions such as arthritis and sclerosis. Using hemp can be life-changing for anyone that has been dealing with pain or even non-pain related health problems within their lives. The most interesting part of hemp studies is the fact that it has also been shown to help treat mental-health problems. Anxiety and depression can be reduced in power and intensity over time when choosing to use hemp regularly in your diet. Even people suffering from schizophrenia have reported that their episodes are far less frequent and less intensive, making hemp great treatment with antipsychotic effects.

Hemp can also help reduce the side-effects of chemotherapy that include vomiting and feeling sick. It’s easy to see that hemp can make life easier for all of us, whether we are suffering from illnesses and diseases, whether we want to prevent them or whether we just want to help improve our general health with a new supplement.

Hemp In Everyday Life

In essence, these are the reasons that more people should start looking to hemp for help. It has been given a bad name because it derives from cannabis, but in truth, it’s one of the most revolutionary and helpful nutritional plants on our planet today. Unfortunately, due to stigmas and false information we have from everyday sources, many people stay clear of it. That’s why reeducating and backing up each statement with a viable set of studies is important. If this is overlooked, we will be looking at an epidemic of diseases such as cancer, sclerosis and Crohn’s Disease spreading, reeking havoc in our lives, when they all could have easily been prevented by including hemp in our diets!

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