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Working Out With CBD: Muscle & Stamina Gain

We now need to look at the reason why great athletes are now using CBD in their work out.

Cannabidiol is rapidly becoming a very crucial part of lots of workout routines. Whether in capsule form or as an oil, CBD is playing a key role for a holistic health as well as wellness routine. It does not matter if you are a jogger, professional athlete or even a busy mother, this hemp supplements can help you a great deal. It does not matter the fitness regimen that you are into, development and recovery of your muscles are very important for your general health as well as wellbeing.

From the time the World Anti-Doping Agency removed the ban on cannabidiol, a majority of the fitness professionals as well as athletes started using CBD in their high performing fitness regimen for building muscles as well as in boosting their stamina. CBD is believed to have numerous benefits for the body. With that, it is of paramount importance to ensure that you use the best quality extracted from natural hemp oil, and use a supplier that is trustworthy. CBD products available at a bargained price often have little CBD amounts. In case you decide to purchase CBD oil, make sure that this is 100 percent premium as well as pure and extracted from hemp containing 0.3 percent or fewer THC amounts. This is because that is the percentage that is legalized in the fifty states.


Catabolic hormones found in the human body usually lead to muscle tissues breaking down. In the case of athletes as well as people who want to get more muscle mass or even tone their muscles, it is important for them to reduce the amounts of these hormones which are inclusive of cortisol.

Cortisol works in reducing the synthesis of proteins while actively hindering the growth of tissues. Having an excess of the cortisol hormone is the sole reason why most of the people working out to attain a certain desired result in muscle building do not get here, even after working out rigorously.

Some leading athletes currently work out with CBD. The oil can help in reducing the effects associated with anxiety as well as promoting better sleep which contributes to a better workout.

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There is a very crucial thing to understand about cortisol and its negative effects on building of muscle and this is by recognizing the fact that this keeps fluctuating all day long. This hormone is produced by the adrenal gland. The levels are a bit high during morning hours and this gradually decreases as the day progresses and at night the levels are extremely low. This clearly indicates the reason why muscles recover best when we are sleeping.

We can also not dismiss the benefits cortisol brings to the body, or what would be the reason for its production? The hormone is very key in the liver, it aids in removing toxins the body produces. The hormone also helps in regulating the blood sugar amounts as well as enhancing the short term memory. In natural amounts, it has lots of advantages and cannabidiol oil aids in balancing healthy levels of the hormone.


Using research that targeted the Endocannabinoid System, CBD oil usually engages CB2 receptors in a person’s limbic as well as paralimbic areas of their brain, which are the control centers of the Endocannabinoid System that usually regulates sleep as well as mood. Close to 25% Of the people living in America have trouble getting deep REM sleep. But this can be attained using CBD, by augmenting protein synthesis to build muscle tissue during that time when the cortisol amounts are at the lowest. This is an indirect method that CBD helps in the management of cortisol levels.

An initial research that was published in Sept by the Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research indicates that CBD works in conjunction with this System in interfering with the secretion of cortisol as was reported by the US National Library of Medicine & National Institutes of Health, as subjects involved in this research experienced a reduction in cortisol amounts in the blood. CBD, therefore, can help in slowing the breaking down of muscle mass while helping athletes to keep building more of the same.

We are aware of CBD’s calming anti-anxiety as well as mood regulation effects while working in synergy with the Endocannabinoid Systems. We can clearly see that CBD has diverse benefits including the therapeutic benefits, the anti-catabolic action which all work in combination to help in balancing cortisol amounts in our bodies.


If the amounts of testosterone is increased when one is having intense weight lifting workouts, this can help in increasing the muscle mass, however, cortisol increases in the event of intense workouts which serve to give an effect that is completely opposite.

Cortisol amounts also increase in stressful situations regardless of what time it is during the day or the situation. This is the reason why people in the fitness industry refer to it as “the stress hormone.” Intense workouts are great at causing physical stress. This is also apart from the stress that one cannot avoid on a daily basis.

Working out using CBD can help in reducing the negative effects that one experiences with the production of stress hormones during high-intensity workouts.

With an increase in the amounts of cortisol due to intense workouts that lead to stress, the large amounts of the catabolic hormone can lead to high blood pressure, reduced bone density, as well as eating muscle tissues which negatively affects the great benefits that a work out.

In very bad scenarios, cortisol that’s not regulated can lead to a condition known as nosedive. This is usually not the desired effect of a fitness regimen.

Sadly, this effect is similar to what caffeine produces. It is known that about two-three cups of coffee in a day can lead to an increase in the amounts of cortisol. The great news is that CBD oil has a natural stimulating effect providing you with an energy boost while balancing cortisol levels.

There are CBD supplements that can be taken before and after working out to help in balancing the amounts of cortisol and in turn help you maximize on your work out. The good thing about CBD is that there is always better news!

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Stamina remains to be one of those things individuals usually need for their work out.

Runners high is what most people understand to be the what they associate with stamina which is derived from long periods of working out. For many years endorphins were credited for helping people maintain stamina in long periods of cardio workout. Research conducted recently has indicated that the Endocannabinoid system is what actually generates “runners high.” Results indicate that the rush of anandamide, which is a natural compound of the Endocannabinoid is regulated by cannabidiol through the System itself, this is the one that should be credited in case of an abrupt euphoric, painless as and a calm sensation.

Currently, in a Cannabidiol-optimized homeostasis in a case where you fire on every cylinder, your stamina, as well as energy levels, are boosted and your breathing is regulated in the best way possible, Cannabidiol’s anti-inflammatory effects will help in keeping your muscles free of cramps and provide a balance for your dopamine in promoting seamless movement as well as balance. There are scientists who prefer to call this “Goldilocks zone” This is a state where your body, mind, and soul work in synergy.


It is also important to also maintain your sugar levels in order to build muscle and boost your stamina. There are many different ways to achieve this apart from taking a diet that is well balanced.

Chronic inflammation leads to insulin resistance and this causes Type 2 diabetes. In a report by, it indicated that the growth of the cells, metabolism of sugars, your immune system, as well as the functioning of the heart benefit a lot from anti-inflammatory components of CBD.

Regulation of blood sugar leads to reduced insulin and you get to store fewer fats. Less fats ensure that your body performs in an anti-catabolic environment helping your body to produce more muscles.


The oils anti-catabolic elements have made this oil a great supplement mostly recommended for a fitness regimen in instances where one wants to increase muscle mass. The extra benefits that this oil provides to people such as runners, professional athletes including yoga enthusiast indicates that this supplement is quickly becoming the in thing. Each day people keep questioning western medicine and searching for more natural ways to ease pain and treat different diseases, CBD is rapidly growing into the answer people seek.

There are different ways one can consume CBD, as an oil, in capsule form, or as a topical cream. Cannabidiol creams, salves are also used in the fitness space mainly for topical inflammation, relieving pain and ensuring flexibility which is very important in any given workout. As a fitness enthusiast, it is key to research and maximizes on the benefits that CBD offers while testing dosages that suit you!

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